Wednesday, January 26, 2011

everyone's a comedian

jack has been seriously cracking me up lately. in the past week, he's developed a fake cough that he uses when he wants attention. [don't worry, it's def not a real cough, and i've confirmed this occurrence in many other babies via babycenter. love that site.] he will be perfectly content but if he decides he wants something, he'll start whining and coughing till he gets it. mostly all this gets him is a lot of laughing from mama.

another skill: smiling on demand. a major faq from other people around here relates to how we get him to smile in so many pictures, and the answer is: we don't. every time jack sees a camera pop up, he breaks into a huge grin all by himself and holds it till we take the picture. he's done this for a few months and i love it. this is a side effect of all the picture-taking we do -- one that i hope will stick, unlike the temporary blindness we inflict on him from all the flashes.

[faq #2: how do you get his hair to stick up like that? a: i do nothing, it stands up on its own. it's like little baby duck feathers.]

anyway, he's recently mastered rolling over, so when he's in his crib settling down for naptime he usually rolls over onto his tummy to play. once in a while he forgets that he knows how to roll back over and he squawks till we come rescue him by flipping him. just now i heard him whining in his crib so i went in to check on him -- he was, in fact, on his tummy, and apparently had been very busy scooting himself around the crib to pull on all the bumpers. so far he had undone two of them and his bed was in disarray.

i thought it was funny, so i ran out of his room to grab the camera. while i was gone he started crying and whining more, but as soon as i walked back in with that camera he busted out a huge smile:

silly jack. he is one amusing baby.


Angela and Mike said...

haha, I love the little personality coming through. and I love that he coughs to get attention. He's so cute! but I'm sure you already knew that :)

Suzana said...

he is so cute. molly loves the phone he gave her. she wanted me to tell jack that if things don't work out with sophie, she's available. :)

The Mid Life Guru said...

Your former dog (I guess she is still your dog but you formerly live here) does the same coughing trick to get attention.

Jean said...

Awww, what a smiley little man!!!!