Monday, August 31, 2009

first day of school!

poor, poor b.

i had such high hopes of giving him a special first day of school. i wanted to get up early and make him breakfast, but then i slept in and when i got out of the shower he'd already poured himself a bowl of cereal. then i was going to make him lunch but i forgot, and HE forgot, and he left for class with no food! luckily he had a long break today so he came home and ate lunch with me instead.

AND luckily i still managed to take a first-day-of-school picture...hey, it's not every day your 27-year-old husband starts school!

the student and the girl who is paying for his education:

tonight, to celebrate, we went out for frozen yogurt. there is a fro yo place here called yo zone that reminds me a LOT of squeeze & scoop...i mean, it's no pinkberry, but it's the do-it-yourself type of place we love annnd they have pretty good mochi. this was our second visit and i was real excited about it.

however, our outing to the fro yo joint was like a parade of insanity. just while driving we saw multiple herds of young adults walking down the street [i SO do not miss co-ed FHEs], 5,000 scooters [traffic has noticeably increased now that school has started back up], a blood red sunset [there are fires here too], and some crazy guy totally making out with an unidentified pastry item. we watched him lick this thing like a million times...i tried to take a picture but couldn't get a good shot because i was laughing so hard:

ohhh gotta love a small college town. here's to b and the next two years...he came home to study tonight and i went to yoga. i have a feeling i'll be hitting the gym on my own a lot during this MBA thing.


dana said...

funny first day

Becky said...

my fave line:
the student and the girl who is paying for his education.

you rock lynds. :)

good luck with school, brandon. you'll do great! adam and i visited the new section of the tanner building and thought it is fabulous. i'm assuming you'll have lots of classes there?

Jean said...

Yay for the first day of school!! Mmm your froyo looks so delectable. And I love your sneaky, sneaky picture of that other guy - haha!!

I love that line about the girl paying, too. When I was working full-time, I always thought of Tim as my investment (one that will hopefully pay off in time). :-)