Tuesday, May 26, 2009

this is happiness.

we kicked our three-day weekend off with a bang -- saturday was a great day.

started out by doing some much-needed housecleaning / blog updates / errand running / churchcleaning, and then headed over to the west side.

ordered our usual six-tacos-WITH-CHEESE from tito's [yummm]:

and had to laugh at the crime scene stakeout going on in the parking lot. good ol' l.a.:

b and i had a little date night at the l.a. temple -- seriously, how beautiful is this place?:

and got to see a delorean driving down santa monica blvd upon departing. yes, folks, a delorean:

then we came home and watched anchorman. and still had two days of weekend to go. could life be better?


dana said...

AWESOME weekend. And thank you for the delorian pic. Made my night!

Lambson Family said...

there is a guy that has a delorian down the street from my parents...and, im so jealous of ur life! kids ruin any sorta freedom. HAHAHAHA! i love my kids! enjoy that alone time.

Jean said...

NICE. I need to visit this "Tito's" joint. Everyone raves about it!!

nicole addison said...

sounds like a fun weekend!! :)