Wednesday, October 29, 2008

double tag

sorry, i usually value"tags" about as much as i do all the chain emails i receive (by valuing i mean ignoring), but when two of my favorite cousins BOTH tagged me i figured i was stuck. so here you go, seven random things about me:

1. i used to love jonathan taylor thomas. like, unhealthy love. i was about 12 and thought he was the cutest thing EVER. i religiously watched home improvement (which, in retrospect, is a pretty cheesy show), bought all the teeny bopper magazines, plastered his picture all over my room. on november 12, 1997 i went to a rehearsal of home improvement with some friends from my ward and got to go backstage and i met jtt. he was standing in the wings, eating a bowl of rice, wearing a green bomber jacket. he shook my hand and talked to me for a few minutes and at the age of 13 i was already four inches taller than he, who was age 16. i didn't wash my hand for 24 hours and i wore a plastic bag over it when i took a shower. glad i got over that.

2. i have all these weird rules about food handling and cleanliness. if a wet piece of food falls off my plate onto the table, i won't eat it -- but if a dry piece falls off, i probably will. i won't let brandon put a utensil on his placemat if he's already eaten off of it. i don't like skin on the upholstery (i.e. if b takes off his shirt, he can't sit on the couch). i eat peanut butter out of the jar with my finger or a spoon, but refuse to eat anything someone else has touched. my poor husband is very confused by all this.

3. in third grade we did a play of pandora's box and students got to try out to play each thing that came out of the box. i wanted to be hope, who comes out at the end to save the world. i memorized my whole audition script, practiced for days, even dressed up for the part. i was up against only one girl (who also happened to be the most popular girl in our grade). when we auditioned i totally nailed it...this was big because i used to be really shy...and i saw that my teacher wrote my name down as her choice after we both auditioned. but then someone said we should vote, and the class voted for the popular girl. she got to be hope and i ended up with a tiny minor part. i think i cried a lot.

4. most people know this: i was in marching band in high school. but most people do not know that band camp was my very favorite time of the year. during lunch we'd climb the fence and sneak into the school swimming pool to swin in our clothes, then run back to rehearsals all wet. another nice side benefit of this was that some days the boys' water polo team was out there practicing so we could watch them from the field. i loved band.

5. i have taken yoga classes since we got married. at my gym in beverly hills, my teacher's name was raghavan and he was probably 70. it seemed to me that he and hundreds of generations of his ancestors had taught yoga for eternity; i loved that our class was so authentic. now i live in pasadena and the 24 hour yoga teacher's name is amy. i don't like her classes much at all.

6. when i was born i had astygmatism and my eyes crossed. to try to fix it, i had surgery on my eyes when i was eight months old and again when i was two years old. they cut my eyes open, disconnected and reattached the eye muscles so they wouldn't cross, and then i wore glasses until i was 10. my eyes had fixed themselves and today i don't wear contacts or anything. i do, however, have bluish-tinted scars in both eyes from the surgeries. sometimes when i'm talking to people they stop me suddenly and say "do you have HOLES in your eyes?" to which i say yes.

7. i like to make faces. (okay, maybe i didn't have a seventh interesting fact about myself...but a blog is only good if it has a picture :)


schnazdoodle said...

1) Woah!!! Jonathan Taylor Thomas was one of my only celebrity crushes (other one? Jonathan Brandeis) -- I even wrote to him, I think. I still watch Home Improvement because of him... Love him. :)

2) I have a "lazy" eye, too (my right eye). I never had surgery for it, though -- but my glasses correct it and now my contacts do. It's surprising how many people have had one -- Demi Moore, another good friend of mine... Small world.

schnazdoodle said...

Um, I just read the rest of your JTT story. EEEE!!!!


Jean said...

Awesome. JJT. Hahahaha! I went through a phase where I was in love with both of the older boys on Home Improvement too. Actually, I went through a phase where I was in love with every boy. Go figure.

I'm fascinated that you had eye surgery. Sorry if I stare at your eyes the next time I see you. :-P


LAURA and ELIZA said...

I remember the JTT fettish! HAHA! I'm not sure if I ever really understood that. And your ideas on cleanliness and eating are totally understandable. You are amazing to enforce them, and you have a good husband to obey those rules! HAHA! That was fun to read!

LB3K said...

Very interesting! Thanks for playing!

Emily said...

THat is interesting about your eyes! I also can relate to your number one, I must have watched Home Improvement a zillion times and all of his movies. I bought anything that he was in and had posters in my room! So funny :)

Angela and Mike said...

You look totally cute in the weird face picture...and that story about the popular girl getting HOPE is SO SAD. That is totally lame that they decided to vote. I'm mad about that.

Stephanie said...

Yay! So glad to read this post! It's great. I love how you write. Anyways...I so remember the JTT were crazy about him. I thought it was a little weird back then...but I too had a similar crush on Justin Timberlake. We must be related!

Stephanie said...

It must be the crazy Payzant genes.

dana said...

I totally agree about the tags. Casey has two girl cousins who literally do one of these every other day claiming that "since they were tagged they HAD to do it". Funny.
I've actually been meaning to do one for a while though. So maybe I'll join you now.

I like the details! Especially the story about your eyes. Crazy! I bet your mom was a little freaked out having them do surgery on you that young. I can't imagine Lucy going under the knife like that with her eyes! I'm glad you look cute and darling today :)