Thursday, February 19, 2009

amor en espanol

i love conversation hearts. they taste like chalk and are kind of disgusting when you think about them, but they're my regular february guilty pleasure. [and now that v-day is over, you can get them for 27 cents a box at ralphs! yay]

anyway, my lovely co worker brought me a box of convo hearts today -- but they are en espanol! i was delighted. words like guapo (handsome) and amor (love) made sense to me. but upon closer inspection, these hearts were a little odd.

first of all these were totally poor-boy hearts. every other heart i pulled out either looked like it had already been sucked on or the word was totally off center [or missing completely].

other hearts said funny things. paz (peace) -- like you're peace-ing out of the relationship, or you need peace from your significant other? also amiga/amigo -- would you really want a lovey dovey heart telling you they just want to be friends? those spanish speakers have an interesting interpretation of valentines day.

in other news from my kitchen, i needed to buy garlic to make a delicious white bean dip. unfortunately the grocery store i went to only sells them in five packs. i needed TWO cloves of garlic for my recipe, so now i have four and 3/4 garlic heads left. if you need garlic for a recipe any time soon, let me know. i'll give you some for free :)


Nat said...

wow, those hearts look disgusting. i wonder if a rat got into the batch and they decided to box them anyway... haha! jk...hopefully :)
and that bean dip- yummy! looks delicious! so when i said bring tomatoes, i really meant bring THAT!

megan said...

hey, buy the frozen garlic sold at trader joes....each cube equals a clove. it's the best.

Kristi said...

I love conversation hearts too, I have to buy them just to eat a couple and that is usually as far as I get. I need some of those espanol ones. for sure

dana said...


The Conder Family said...

lol! I didn't know there friendship hearts in spanish.