Saturday, February 14, 2009

my life would suck without you

so i was never really a fan of valentines day. for some reason two high school boyfriends broke up with me right around v-day [maybe to get out of gift giving?]; all the other years i really had no reason to celebrate. except that my mom would always give us cute little presents and candy. i guess that was good.

anyway, now that i'm married and i actually have a permanent valentine, i like the holiday a little more. we never really do anything huge to celebrate [why celebrate love on ONE day when you should be living like that on all the rest?] and this year is no different. in light of saving money for future endeavors -- and also because that little european extravaganza last year was technically supposed to be ALL our gifts for a year -- we played it low key.

i let b choose the homemade menu tonight: carne asada, mexican salad (which he let me know consists of lettuce, red and green peppers, black beans and corn with any dressing you want -- in case you were wondering. i didn't even know that "mexican salad" existed) and garlic fries. because naturally garlic fries go with carne asada. whatever. i'd picked them up from tj's last week and we'd been looking for an excuse to eat them. i will also be crafting chocolate molten lava cakes, apparently a v-day tradition for us now as this is the second year in a row we've made them (new recipe this year...i'll post it later if it turns out any good).

anyway, even though this is ridiculously cliched to say, i am so lucky to be married to such a fun and amazing guy. this week on regis & kelly, they showed surprise engagements each day. on thursday, it was a couple on the top of the empire state building -- the "most romantic place on the planet," according to kelly. it brought back lovely memories of my OWN engagement, which i was lucky enough to have happen in that same spot. we also happen to have it on video, so i thought i'd post it here in honor of the holiday.

just a little background first:
a. yes, we are on the observation deck of the empire state building
b. yes, it was windy
c. i hadn't seen brandon in one month and had no idea he was coming -- NOR did i know he'd be coming with a ring
d. b has a ridiculous haircut and i cringe whenever i watch this
e. even though it sounds like i don't, i actually said "oh my GOSH" when he gets down on one knee. this bothers me every time i see it.
f. be prepared for kissing.

and thats it. enjoy! and happy valentines day, whether you've been proposed to or not :)


dana said...

That was SO cute! How fun to have it on video! Fun location, cute surprise. Brandon's hair does not look horrible. And it does not sound like you said "oh my gosh". haha. Cute vid.

Nat said...

AH! Lyndsey! That is so freakin cute! You are so lucky to actually have a video of it...your kids will love it. Next Valentine's will you make me some chocolate lava cakes? :)

The Hunt House said...

UM.....what a story. Love it. Good catch Lyndsey. Happy vday

Angela and Mike said...

haha, I love how you are so lyndsey in this with the whole "you are a dork...what are you doing here" lines. haha. I hope you had a great vday with your valentine :)

Oh, and please tell me you weren't one of those people who wore BLACK on vday just to be a rebel? haha.

JoLee said...

Oh, so cute! Love that...thanks for sharing :)

Jean said...

Awww, CUTE!! I love that this is documented for future generations. Tim proposed while we were strolling around the DC temple, so I might've been a little suspicious if there had been someone with a videocamera following us. Haha! But it works well for you guys... he was so sneaky!! Way to go, B!

Roxanne said...

Thanks so much for posting that. It made me all gushy inside. I love it. B is so freaking cute. You are so surprised and it's just awesome. I love that.

Tyson and Heather said...

okay..that is insanely romantic!

Brandon and Erica said...

cute :-) I love favorite is Brandon's face before he proposes. You can tell he is either:

a) choked up
b) nervous
c) afraid of heights

I LOVE that video...and how is that I've never seen it before? Aren't we bff? Hmm...maybe in another life..