Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend update

well...let's should i begin my recap of this weekend? about I MET KARA DIOGUARDI!! eeeee. still reallllll excited that this happened, if you can't tell.

back story: i have this super talented friend heather who designs her own hair accessories AND does p.r. for another hair accessory company called knotheads. yesterday also happened to be the academy awards, which is sort of a big deal in southern ca. [if you didn't know this, i don't blame you. as one of my out-of-state friends told me last week "i think the oscars are only a big deal if you live in l.a."]

so on friday and saturday, knotheads participated in an oscars gifting suite. [basically before every awards show they do these parties where celebs come by and pick up a bunch of free swag, in hopes that they'll then talk up your product.] heather graciously invited me to help work their booth on saturday, so i was delighted to accept.

the suite was actually inside a soundstage on the universal studios backlot. we're talking THE backlot...i saw two trams drive by on their "backstage tour" while i was walking around outside. [side note: i also walked over to try to grab a snack from a nearby cafe and was literally picked up by a stagehand guy in a golf cart. i felt pretty official, whizzing around the backlots via personal transportation.]

this is what it looks like, if you've never been on the backlot tour:

not incredibly exciting. trucks everywhere, basically.

so i staffed our little booth for five hours on saturday, taking pictures and talking up celebs who walked by to tell them how amazing knotheads are. [really i didn't do much. heather and her cousin did all the demos while i just snapped pics and stood there in my awesome blue knotheads shirt. i was like their intern and i loved every minute of it. NOT being in charge of something for a change is wonderful.]

we had a steady stream of celebs throughout the day...tila tequila, michael clarke duncan, dr. drew, dianne warren, and a slew of disney channel / wb / reality show stars who i could only vaguely identify.

lucky for ME there were also a few of my favorites. and i naturally snapped a few pics :)

dominic monaghan, aka charlie from "lost." i resisted telling him how much i USED to love the show but now hate it. i also refrained from singing "you all everybody," arguably one of the best (and lamest) songs ever. regardless, he was pleasant. and short.

driveshaft rules!

then there was the wonderful fred willard. you may recognize him from such lovely movies as best in show, wall-e or anchorman. b loves him, so i ran up to take a pic and said "my husband is your biggest fan." he was quite nice as well.

"apparently, my son was on something called 'acid,' and was shooting a bow and arrow into a crowd." (anchorman. a perpetual classic. please also note my cute little knothead accessories above the side bangs. trendy AND helpful!)

and, without further ado, here are me, heather and kara. the faces of heath and i are about to crack wide open with sheer joy.

please note that her arm is around my shoulder like we are bff. she was so adorably tiny and nice in person. while chatting her up i thought about how i truly think she needs some work as a judge, but hey! she's my new friend. can't say mean things like that to her face.

we talked for hours (okay, five minutes) all about idol -- about judging, bikini girl, contestants, working in the biz. and then she moved on. and i love her.

that was all. we then spent saturday night in westwood and yesterday in church, at home and catching glimpses of the oscars while holding teething babies at our friends' houses. the end.


Jean said...

That. Is. AWESOME. Okay, I don't know who Kara is (I'm lame), but I love love love Dominic M and Fred Willard. What a fun "interning" experience!!

schnazdoodle said...

i love how that person I've never heard of is who made you excited. I would have FLIPPED out over Dominic. I still adore every freakin' moment of that show (so sad to hear you hate it!) -- and loved Charlie's return and... yeah. Love him.

Rachel said...

hmm can you make me life seem any lamer......
I don't think so! lol
that is so cool! you should have told Dominic that he also did a good job on "chuck" when he guest appeared (even though I was just having "Lost" deja vu the whole episode lol)

and that anchorman quote- classic

Angela and Mike said...

No way, that is totally awesome! You live such a glamorous life :) Did Kara give you the insider scoop on who she likes on ai? Oh, and did you tell her your friend is having a baby and she should totally give a shout out on this weeks show? haha.

Brandon and Erica said...

Dude! That seriously is awesome. I have been checking your blog RELIGIOUSLY (what's new?) since you text me the great news. Saturday night: nope. Sunday morning: nothing. Sunday night: zilch.

Thanks for finally posting the pic! Your life is so cool. I guess I am so different than everyone else who reads your blog, because I had no idea who Dominic M or Fred Willard were. But OH YES I know Kara! That rocks...seriously. Best blog post ever :)

Kristi said...

so cool!!!

jess and lacy said... cool! Man how is this place gonna live up that THAT? Maybe lindsey lohan will come back to rehab....

dana said...

Fun pics! I'm glad you got to hang out with celebs for the day!
And you were right in my old hood. The fun backlot. Let me guess, you ate at the dusty pink "Backlot Cafe"? haha. Fun!
"you allllll everybody...."

Michelle said...

totally embarassed, but I don't know who Kara Diowhatserface is. Is she an idol contestant? NEver seen her before in my life, but I"m sure she's totally cool. what a charmed life you live! glad you had fun!

The Conder Family said...

"You are living the dream life Mater"... I mean Lyndsey (: Sounds like so much fun! And, I am so out of it... I don't know who any of those people are. But I can imagine the thrill of seeing celebs I do know. I am so excited for you.

Tyson and Heather said...

love it! we did have fun, loved having you there. you totally helped a ton..thank you thank you! the pic of you, kara and me is definitely my computer backdrop..i stared at it numerous times today with a wide-grin smile. thanks for the awesome help!

JoLee said...

I am so jealous! What an exciting weekend :)