Saturday, February 14, 2009

the little things

i'm home!

the week ended up sort of rough. all in all the event was a success -- no trips to the hospital, no missed flights, no upset clients. but i think i was emotionally strung out by the end. and...i don't want to get into too many details [mostly because you'll probably think i'm an idiot]... but i broke my own phone on thursday. i cried after it happened.

good old blue chocolate now looks like this:

luckily it still works, but i obviously can't text, access pictures or view my contacts. so feel free to call...but don't text me for a while.

also -- if you happen to have an extra verizon phone lying around, let me know. seriously. i wasn't insured, so it's going to be a pretty penny to replace little blue.

anyway, i'm home now. after pretty much working 24/7 for multiple days in a row on events like this, it is SO nice to come home and enjoy my regular day-to-day luxuries.

today i:
- painted my nails
- wore regular clothes [luckily my skinny jeans still fit, after all that nonsense with the cookies!]
- got my hair cut
- ate cereal for lunch
- went to target w/ b
- worked out [okay, this was actually last night, but helpful all the same. i blame my recent lack of cardio exercise for my mental instability over the past few days]
- socialized with lovely friends at a pancake breakfast party
- caught up on top chef and a.i.
- bought some candy cane joe joes [they are on sale for 99 cents, everyone! apparently i've overcome my holiday-induced overdose. plus, you can pretend the red and pink box is for v day :) ]

and now i am back to regular, happy, normal lyndsey :)


Nat said...

have you signed up for that "special" class we were talking about yet? i'm just worried that you're going to lash out at church and hurt someone... :)
but more importantly, 99 cent joe-joes?? crazy!!

dana said...

I'm sad for your phone. (sniff sniff).
And Candy Cane Joe Joes for 99cents?!! I think I'll go tonight. Because I need more junk to eat.
Sounds like a fun day.

Tyson and Heather said...

yay for being home...just got back myself from Utah...though i wasn't killing it for a client, just visiting. way to be the hard working woman you are:)!

JoLee said...

You crazy girl! I still can't believe you did that. Remember, I am here for you whenever you need to vent (I will just make sure to stay far away so you don't throw anything at me :)

Michelle said...

WAIT! don't toss the phone. I bet you can replace the screen for cheap! Kyle just replaced his phone as he broke the screen for the 6th (yes, 6th!) time in a single year. He realized buying new phones was costing us our retirement, so he did a little sleuthing and discovered you can buy screen replacements for phones at a fraction of the cost of replacing your phone! GOOD LUCK! You will get your blue beauty back in shape, I just know it!