Tuesday, February 17, 2009

working girl

i ate a lot of raw cornbread batter (i.e. raw eggs) tonight and i'm feeling a little tipsy as a result. [did you know you can't eat raw cookie dough when you are pregnant? of course you did, because the majority of my readers either have children or are in the process of having them. but i am not. and now i NEVER want to. i can't have cookie dough?? no kids for me. that was easy.]

anyway. my old phone is back in my life. it's funny how archaic it looks after just eight months of using a more high-tech phone. oh well. at least i can text again. yay!

today i drove allll the way to thousand oaks. that place is far! then i came home and worked. and at the end of the day i saw this and thought it looked funny, so i took a picture of it. here is my dining room table after i finished my day. phone, blackberry, notepads, planner, two glasses of water, event binder, keys. yep, a typical day in my life ends up strewn around the table (or desk) just like this.

and i would just like to personally thank president washington and president lincoln (and whomever else we are supposed to celebrate) for having a holiday all to themselves yesterday.

i LOVE thinking tomorrow is only tuesday, and then realizing it is in fact wednesday. and that american idol is on tonight :)


Jean said...

Don't worry, one of my friends always eats cookie dough throughout her pregnancies, and her kids are super smart. So, that's how I justify it. :-)

And I'm very glad that tomorrow is Wednesday too, because Lost is on again. :-)

dana said...

With Lucy, I was totally careful about not eating cookie dough or drinking diet coke. With Owen I was much more lax. Maybe that's why he's such a handful...:)

Nat said...

Um...so about eating cookie dough while prego, I'd like to say that it is strongly advised that you don't eat it...but sometimes when you're 9 months pregnant and all you can think about is that forbidden delicious cookie dough, it's really hard to not have a tablespoon or two...oooor maybe a cup. :)

Brandon and Erica said...

I like that you took a picture of your planner...reminds me of the good ol' Frosh times.

And...I would like for you to KEEP posting pictures of your weekly schedule, as I have a better understanding of where you are, enjoy dinner at the Arts tonight, and good luck on lesson #8 on Sunday...it's like old school Twitter.

scrubgrub said...

In answer to the whole raw eggs thing... you can't have eggs because they are unpasturized. Simple solution . . . pasturized eggs. They're safe to eat as a cooked egg.. . I buy them when I make ice cream, and you still get all the yummy goodness of cookie dough raw! Of course, then you lose that bad girl edge ;)

Kristi said...

well I've learned you can make the batter with out the eggs, take some out to eat and then add the eggs. Well not sure if that works with cookie dough but it does with cake mixes.