Tuesday, February 3, 2009

living on the edge

i read a humorous article on msnbc today about how people knowingly participate in risky behavior. i apparently am a major risk taker because i comply with exactly one of their five criteria:

1. swab my ears with cotton swabs? -- CHECK (who doesn't? it's the best part of my morning)
2. eat raw cookie dough? -- CHECK. double check actually. i do this daily.
3. no carbon monoxide detector? -- check. we only have one functioning smoke detector at the moment too. oooh.
4. no rubber mat in the shower? -- check. never have, never will.
5. drink beer while operating power tools? -- yay! finally i'm safe! prob only b/c i don't drink beer. but if i did, the FIRST thing i'd do is go operate a power tool.

guess i'm suuuuper dangerous. i also jaywalk on major busy streets, keep my blog public and only clean my kitchen with soap a couple times a week.

i'm a REBEL.

[oddly enough, i do however compulsively lock all car and apt doors behind me immediately, and i always wear a seatbelt. guess i'm safe at some things.]

in completely unrelated and random news, i know four -- count them, FOUR -- women who have given birth in the past seven days. beat that.


Roxanne said...

Rebel without a cause, i love it! We are such twins. Operating power tools would be the first thing I'd while drinking beer if I drank it too!!!! You are so funny!

Jean said...

Way to live on that edge!! Do I get extra points if I eat raw brownie batter too??

Angela and Mike said...

Wow, you ARE such a Rebel. haha. Hopefully I don't add to the list of babies quite yet, although I will probably be going earlier than my due date. (see my blog!)