Thursday, May 28, 2009

E3 widowhood

next week is E3, the biggest video game convention of the year. this means i will not see b until oh about june 6th. last year he worked 20 hour days the whole week. this week is just prep and he's already mia :(

pros of E3:
dont have to worry about making dinner [tonight i had a frozen waffle & a caramel apple]
get the computer all to myself
watch the a.i. finale again just for fun
alone time is nice
catch up on blogging

cons of E3:
i start to get bored after a while with no humans to talk to
it's sort of lonely
b is usually cranky & tired upon returning home
i have to go to the gym by myself
sometimes i don't know what to do with myself when my built-in partner in crime is gone

hmm. i better find some new hobbies before this mba thing starts.

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Angela and Mike said...

yes, you might need a little distraction when b is in school. that is totally lame that he is gone ALL next week. Maybe you'll just have to send your friend lots of emails next week :)

Come to AZ and hang out with me. There is an idea!