Monday, May 18, 2009

new hobby

typically i'm all about the paper-related crafts, but being around so many pasadena friends who dabble in sewing projects i've become intrigued by all the things you can do with a sewing machine. my mom sewed when i was little -- yes, my sister and i often rocked matching handmade outfits as children -- but gave it up by the time i was old enough to pay attention, and because i was always in band i never had room in my schedule for typical junior high electives like home ec. there you have it -- i am a bit behind the curve in the domestic area, but i can totally bust out some john philip sousa on my flute :)

anyway, my boss came across a sewing boutique in silver lake called sew la. they offer sewing classes and private tutorials for any level of sewing expertise -- including a class specifically for beginners. this was for me! i wanted to learn the BASIC basics of sewing machines to see if this is a hobby i can pursue, and they fully delivered.

tracy, jolee and i met in silver lake on saturday for our little class. there were only eight students and one teacher, and we each got our own sewing machine and paid a little extra for some fabric and a mini sewing kit [this was helpful because prior to that day i had no idea what a bobbin was]. we learned all the basics of the sewing machine and sewing in general, then we practiced stitching some muslin -- and THEN we got to sew our own little tote bags.

i was immediately fascinated by the sewing machine. those things are amazing! it was so cool to load up the little bobbin, see how the thread ran through the machine, and watch how all the little mechanisms worked together once i pushed the foot pedal. whoever invented that thing is a genius!

i started out a little rocky -- uneven stitching, crooked lines, etc. -- but got the hang of it pretty quickly. check out that pivoted corner!

here's me, working away at my machine:

our bags turned out very cute and jolee and i decided we will use them as lunch bags for work. hers is on the left, mine's the right:

the sew la shop was super cute -- like most things in silver lake, it was super tiny but had a lot of character. i had fun browsing through the patterns and different sewing supplies. check out these cool fabrics -- so many fun possibilities!

and here we are with our finished projects. i think both tracy and jolee never imagined they'd get into sewing [i tell them mormons are naturals at crafting, but anyone can try it out! ha], but i'm really glad we could all take the class together and have fun while we're at it. i have great co workers :)

the end! i love my bag and i can't wait to make something else. my birthday is coming up in july and i plan to ask for donations for a sewing machine :)


sachia said...

Wow, I'm impressed, this is way cute and stylish...wait, I'm not surprised! Have fun with your new hobby!

Stephanie said...

So cool! I too love sewing! It's amazing what you can do with those crazy machines. And your class looked like fun. Way to go on the bag...I like the lunch idea. You r all too crafty.

LB3K said...

Yay! I am so glad you decided to join the world of fabric. Just thought I should warn you, it is highly addictive! ;0)

Jean said...

Nice job!! I'm so impressed. I used to love my sewing class in junior high, but I've totally forgotten everything. I have to get into it again!

Angela and Mike said...

Wow, that IS the best pivoted corner I've ever seen! Very fun. You've inspired me. I need to get out my sewing machine and do a fun project. I love those fabrics by the way, very darling.

Michelle said...

ah! no! stop! i am getting panicky as I read this. surely there has to be some craft you can wait for me to get decent at before you start it....right?????? what are we going to do together in UV this fall? you'll be quilting away blindfolded and I'll be oh so jealous.

i mean, don't get me wrong, I am thrilled about your newfound excitement about sewing machines. can you just stop there though? I know how to sew straight lines and thread my machine. So we are on the same page. let's stayyyy onthe same page.

okay, so that was a lame attempt at begging you not to cross to "the other side"--- the side of the line where crafters belong.

i shall let go of my grip on you and allow you to cross. just promise you'll come over and visit me from time to time, will you?

dana said...

So fun! And cute fabrics.
Yay for you!

dietcokegrrl said...

Look at you sewing!! YAY! I'm impressed...I've tried to sew and totally suck at it.

Cooper's Mom said...

everytime you say Mormons are naturally crafty it makes me laugh. If I convert, will I become crafty? You crak me up. Can't wait for our next class.