Thursday, May 28, 2009


this is a picture of a giant industrial fan, blowing air on my carpet:

for some reason i am eternally cursed to endure leaking problems. for someone who abhors germs, mold and gross things in general this is ironic. but i suppose it could be worse -- i could be surrounded by other people's feet or something.

but anyway. please observe the following timeline of water damage:

1996ish. one summer afternoon. i was minding my business doing whatever it was i did those days [most likely involving the disney channel] when we heard a loud POP from the laundry room. a pipe busted and began spraying water all over the place. we had to turn off all water going to the house and have a plumber fix it.

2004. middle of the night. i had gone to bed but woke up around midnight to the terrified screams of my roommates. i still don't think we knew the whole story, but our version is that the apartment above us flooded their bathroom -- leading to distinctly pee-smelling water flowing through our light fixtures, vents and bathroom ceiling. our hallway and half our kitchen were flooded. those industrial fans stayed in our apartment for weeks.

october 2007. we lived in l.a. and went out of town and returned home to find our bathroom ceiling leaking. the cat lady who lived above us went out of town herself but left her sink on so her cats could have fresh water. it flooded. later on her toilet overflowed in the middle of the night and she just left it there; it saturated the floor and came through our ceiling also. shortly after that we discovered a giant chunk of mold growing on the back of our mirror -- images here.

may 2009. the carpet near our laundry basket, to the side of our bed, was wet the night of the american idol finale. it was still wet the next day so we knew something weird was going on. notified the landlord following the three day weekend; this week they've investigated our apartment twice so far and cut open our wall. next week they are cutting open the entire wall, replacing a pipe and re-installing drywall. until then we live with a ridiculously loud fan blowing all waking hours of the day.

why?!? i hate this curse.


Angela and Mike said...

YES, at least it wasn't a bunch of feet! haha. Sorry about all the water leakage. I think the nastiest is the pee coming thru the light fixtures. Nasty.

Hey, just wondering...if you hate feet so much, are you able to get pedicures?

JoLee said...

You are cursed! That is crazy. You crack me up :)

LB3K said...

That sucks! We have had some mold problems before and I am terrified that it gave my children cancer or something like that. . . Oh, and we have also had the upstairs apartment have a toilet overflow and spill into our bathroom. . . in the middle of the night!