Friday, May 22, 2009

ready for the weekend

i think i've been playing waaaay too much this week. this morning i almost burst into tears thinking about all the housework, laundry, errands, grocery shopping etc. ahead of me this weekend -- but never fear, i have a three-day weekend thanks to lovely memorial day and we have NO plans. so i am going to catch up on life!

plus i picked these little beauties up on my way home from work today. i read a quote recently [maybe in real simple?] that said something like
"buying fresh-cut flowers is never a waste of money, because having them in your home will cheer you up and remind you of all the beauty that is on the earth."
i must say i agree.

oh, i'm also hesitant to post this lest you think all i do these days is go to tv show tapings, but jolee and i went to the taping of america's got talent last night at the orpheum. HA! i'm a bit od'ed on being an audience member this week, but we had a blast. jolee even touched david hasselhof!

celebs were a bit lacking -- we only saw the judges (the hof, sharon osbourne and some british guy named piers) and nick cannon, but watched a bunch of cool talent performances. my favorite was a group of indian dancers [+ one white girl] who did a kickin dance to jai ho.

also, fun fact: the warm-up comic guy who keeps the audience revved up and entertained during commercial breaks at AGT is also the guy who does the same thing at american idol. sort of weird that i saw him this week more than i saw b.

of course, no cameras allowed inside again, so here's us in the car -- getting excited to go inside.

happy weekend to all!


sachia said...

I want your life for a week.

sachia said...

Maybe even two....

becca said...

that's so cool that you went to that church. i did peek inside the chapel and check out the stained glass. very cool.

you're in hunter's ward? i didn't realize.

l.a. is great.

thebestofthebaldwins said...

we will be back to Utah in the end of August! When are you guys moving back?