Sunday, May 10, 2009

off to the wild frontier.

we had a fun weekend.

yesterday --
we saw star trek and i loooooved it. i was never really a trekkie person [though i do remember watching a lot of the s.t.: the next generation with my dad growing up, which threw me off during this movie. where was the guy with the headband over his eyes, and the klingon dude? oh yeah, i get it. this is the 60s version!] anyway, thought the movie was awesome. great action/adventure, great character development, great cinematography. i highly recommend.

i cut my bangs. by myself. first time. i was sort of nervous to do so, especially when i saw the huge chunks of hair that began appearing in the sink, but it was MUCH needed -- i was a little too one-eyed, even for my taste. here is my before:

and my after -- i can see!

we laid by the pool, played with some cute kids, went out to dinner [why is it that whenever we try to find a new restaurant we always end up back at saladang song? some things are just not as good as your comfortable, delicious standby. plus it's mango season so the sticky rice was off the hook!]. yay for saturdays.

today --
went to church. loved that i got a m-day plant along with all the mommies because they gave them to "all women over 18." yesss.

cooked dinner for my mom...and dad and bro, who drove out this afternoon. on the menu: carne asada tacos, homemade salsa, black bean & corn salad, mexican rice and fried ice cream for dessert. i sort of made up the salsa recipe and it was SO. GOOD. like, so good i'm eating it as i type, and i usually have a rule about no food after 10 p.m. mmmm. i am proud of myself for making it.

and now the main point of this post --
"you just seem like sort indoor girl." -- leonardo dicaprio in titanic
tomorrow i am embarking into the wilderness. i've been planning a campout [an event for one of my clients] for the past three months and it has been super challenging every step of the way -- but i'm excited for it to finally come.

at the same time, i am terrified -- as i am every bit a NON-outdoors woman. i've camped three times previously in my life, all of which were at girls camp where i had all meals, sleeping accomodations, etc. provided for me and i only went so i could hang out with my friends. this is waaaay different as i will be responsible for the entire thing, not to mention the fact that i'll be working the whole time so there's a whole different pressure to make sure all goes super well.

my idea of camping involves bears and axe murderers, so i'm hoping that by sleeping in an RV this week i can avoid both of these. i'll give a full report upon my return on thursday, but until then -- i'll be checking email on blackberry all week so feel free to send notes of encouragement, friendship or reinforcement :)


Angela and Mike said...

I REALLY hope you don't run into any bears OR axe murderers. Good luck!

Jean said...

We loved Star Trek too!! It was awesome! I pretty much love anything JJ Abrams. :-) And WAAAAY cute bangs!! Seeing is fun. Have a great time at the campout! It's going to rock! I can't wait to hear about it!!

dana said...

Great bangs! Love them. And have fun on your campout! Casey's going on one this weekend with my brother and brother-in-law. I, however, will be sleeping cozy in my bed :).
Can't wait to hear more!

2x2momma said...

your hair looks awesome! sounds like you had a good time on the campout too