Wednesday, May 27, 2009

forecast for the next two years: snow.

FINALLY. i can announce it on the blog. no more secrets!

we are moving to provo, utah in one month.

i "came out," as it were, at work today and gave my notice, so i guess there is no turning back and i can now publicize. a lot of people already know this, but in case you don't: b is heading back to the good old byu to get his MBA in marketing.

if you've been paying close attention, you might have picked up on a few clues that our l.a. days are numbered. the touristy staycation, my urgency at getting into the american idol finale, etc. -- all things from our "must do before leaving california" list. we love our l.a. life and are trying to get prepared for the adjustment to a whole new state, culture and lifestyle.

hmm. now i will try to anticipate any questions you might have for me, a la the ever-amusing jean anderson.
do we have a place to live yet? no.
will i be working? yes -- i am strongly considering a freelance career so feel free to refer me to anyone and everyone you know.
when does school start? end of august, but we are moving up early to get a jump on housing, jobs and student orientation.
why byu? i ask myself this almost daily. ha! just kidding. the short answer is: of the schools b applied to, byu is ranked the highest and also provides the least expensive education. top 25 biz school AND a smokin deal? yes please. but ugh...provo?!

don't get me wrong. b and i totally made this decision together and both feel good about it. i am just not entirely thrilled at the idea of returning to the small town of my undergrad. however, b and i got married after leaving provo, so who knows -- utah might be a whole different experience with a spouse. also, i won't lie -- i'm thrilled at the prospects of living near old friends, my grandparents & extended family, a scrapbook store / mormon church on every corner, and numerous cafe rios. but SNOW?!?!?! still trying to wrap my head around that one :(

i guess the bottom line is that i have never dealt well with change, and this time it's no different. i'm looking forward to the move and all the new adventures it will bring, but in the meantime it totally sucks to leave. i will miss california, my palm trees, this city, my job, my friends, having my parents down the road. someday maybe we will move back [and thank goodness for blogs so we can all keep in touch!] but i am just going to be a little sad until we go.


dietcokegrrl said...

Well, I guess it's officially happening if you gave your notice at work. sigh.

I'll miss you and wish we could have hung out more. Should have met you when I didn't have kids and actually had a life...but I think you were in high school then. HAHA!

Thank goodness for blogs so I can hear all about you living it up in Provo! :)

LB3K said...

Congrats! It will be exciting! Sometime you and I will have to hit Cafe Rio and Ikea together! Wouldn't that be fun? But I hear ya on the snow thing. That is how I felt when we moved here. Bleck!

Angela and Mike said...

Hooray. No more secrets! I'm so excited for you guys. Provo is snowy, yes, but it is also a ton of fun. Remember, that's where we met :) I bet it will be hard to leave perfect CA, but remember it is just 2 years. Also, it'll be exciting to see where you will go next summer for b's internship! So many fun adventures ahead.

becca said...

yeah! it's a great feeling finally letting news out on the blog.

let's go to cafe rio.

Lambson Family said...

i really am sad for you! if i had your life, i would be sad to move too! im glad you will be closer to me, but i do feel your pain!

Sarah said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you're coming back so we can hang out. I'll scope out some places we can go. I also HAVE to have you teach me how to make awesome cards, my stationery guru!

megan said...

so so so sad that you are leaving

but hey, i'll be leaving too...i just hope I don't end up there...i don't want to move back to the snow either

and a little jealous that you know your forecast for the next few years and we are still waiting for ours :-)

Rebecs said...

I'm sorry! I would be very sad to leave LA for Provo. I still dream of moving back to Rancho....daily. We will love having you back though. I'm going private and need your email.

dana said...

We will MISS you dearly! But yes, thank goodness for blogs!

JoLee said...

You will be missed...dearly!

Wendy said...

congrats on the new adventure! really and truly i know how you feel about returning to byu- but you just can't beat that price and who wants a load of debt for a graduation gift? they have a great mba spouse association but i wasn't very active in bad. as for your pasadena advice- we found 2 (small) houses we considered renting... i loved the thought of being there.. but in the end we decided to just bum it with my parents for a few more months to save up for a future down payment. the 1 1/2 commute is worth the savings to john.

Jean said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out!! And I am still very depressed that you guys are leaving. I think I'm in denial. I'm pretending that you're not really moving, and so far it's working for me. :-)

Haha!! But really, I'm so happy for you guys, and just think of all the Cafe Rio you'll be able to devour out there. I'll miss you, but you'll come back and visit, right??

mauren said...

Just be sure to think of 485 when you you go to JDawgs and the PoweR girls when you go to Pudding on the Rice. :) I'm happy to know I'll have a friend in town next time I'm up that way!

P.S. You should look into being a part-time comms professor or something. Maybe you could teach a class and Brandon's tuition would be even CHEAPER! :)