Monday, May 4, 2009

it's monday.

it's monday -- blah! -- and here are some things i have been thinking about.

1.) one of the 15-year-old girls i teach at church, kylee [who, incidentally, recently started a quite stellar blog] makes me laugh. last week we were talking about her new boyfriend and she called him "man candy." this conversation ensued:
me: why do you call him man candy?
k: because boyfriend sounds too weird.
me: how about "BF"?
k: no. i try to refrain from abbreviating words outside of texting.
i still laugh when i think about that. oh, kids these days... [and yes, i text her during the week to communicate. that's just how we roll i guess.]

2.) LAist did a cool story about the 70th birthday of union station, with amazing pictures. i love that place and admire it daily as i walk through; thought these images did a great job of capturing it. [apparently it's been in lots of movies but the only one i can think of off the top of my head is pearl harbor.]
here are a few of my favorite pictures from the story:

3.) we had quite a nice weekend. we cleaned the house, watched movies, made some cards, ran some errands. we FINALLY grocery shopped. but on saturday morning i had a mini-breakdown because we had a completely unstructured day. the only thing i HAD to do that day was show up at souplantation for dinner at 5 p.m. to meet our at 9 a.m. i freaked out, sat on the floor and told b we NEEDED to plan our day. i don't do well when i'm not planned out. b looked at me like i was nuts, told me it would be okay, and left to help some friends move a piano. i cried a little, got up and ran three miles and then felt better. maybe i am crazy.

4.) i wrote a guest post for gypsy feet, a random blog all about feet. my least favorite subject. so they humored me and told me to write about how much i despise feet :) check it out here.


LB3K said...

Wow! Honey, you have got some skills! I am sooo impressed with your writing! Awesome job!

Kylee Benesh said...

AWWWW! I made the first topic on ur new post! Wow! dont I feel special now. That was like the iceing on top of a cake for my day! :) Hahaha and it's nice to know that that comment from wed. is still in your head!

nicole addison said...

i like man-candy, it adds some personality ;) haha, i love the gypsy feet blog and i love your guest post! i've been trying to find some neat foot pictures but its a no go so far!

Melanie said...

You crack me up, Lyndsey! Your post at gypsy feet is hilarious. While I do enjoy a good pedicure, I agree - feet are gross.

dana said...

Fun guest blogging! I love the pictures you chose.

And Kylie is too adorable. She makes me laugh too.

Glad you had a Saturday morning cry and run. Those are both good things.

Jean said...

Hahaha! Kylee cracks me up. From now on Tim will be my man candy. Great pictures of Union Station!! I need to go again. Also, I hear ya about day-planning. I need tasks and plans or else I would start crying also. :-) And now I have go read your foot article... haha!

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE the guest blogging about feet. I hate feet too. YUCK.

Beautiful pics of Union Station...thanks for sharing. And thanks for the walk last night.

Have fun @ D-land tomorrow!!

sweetsusan said...

You should write a monthly verbbage on the feet blog. It was fun to read--you are so gifted.

Ashley Christensen said...

Hey Lyndsey!

I just got home from the Huntington Botanical Gardens where a ton of us girls saw you with your husband. I want to apologize for being so out of it! All day long I kept thinking, "She looks so familiar, I swear I know her from somewhere!" But I couldn't place it and I didn't say anything. I think you even said "I used to be in your ward" and one time, but I was thinking Pacific Palisades, and couldn't think of when. Then I got preoccupied with Jack wanting to crawl into the pond and you were gone before I could talk to you again. Walking to the car after visiting the gardens I BYU ward?! So here is this LONG and drawn-out comment wondering if thats where I knew you. The Avenues? Thats pretty crazy! And!! if I'm way off, thats crazy and I'm sorry too :)

JoLee said...

I just read your guest blog...SO CUTE! Love it.

sachia said...

Wow......this post was so great I don't know where to begin. I love that you are so structured..your in for a shock of your life when the babies come. I can't wait...can't wait. Did I mention I can't wait?

Insert wicked laugh noise now:Haahahahahaha huh!

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