Monday, August 17, 2009

best worst movie

this is me and my friend erica, two weeks ago at craft lake city. [don't click the link to her blog; she only updates once a quarter.]

erica and i met as freshmen in the dorms at byu. we bonded quickly over crazy hair highlights, nsync, instant messaging and communications classes. she is still one of my best friends and one of the only happy things i had to look forward to in coming back to utah.

erica has an older sister named lindsay. lindsay had [still has] a stellar career in PR, and when i decided i maybe wanted to declare PR as my major in college, erica said "hey! my sister does that! you should hook up with her." thus, my first college internship involved hanging out with lindsay in salt lake city one day a week, doing "research" for her clients but mostly just going out for long lunches and asking her all about life in the PR world.

lindsay became a great friend / mentor. she married a guy named mike and i went to their wedding. she & mike moved to LA right before b& i got married and we saw each other a few times around town.

[i ripped this photo off your fb, was just too cute not to share :) ]

mike was in a little movie called troll 2 when he was a kid. haven't heard of that movie? that's ok. some people [including me] say it's the worst movie EVER MADE. it's so bad it's actually hilarious. people all over the world have started a cult following, watching this movie and making fun of it. so, mike made a documentary called best worst movie, all about the crazy fans of this movie and how the original cast [mostly all nobodies who haven't done anything since troll 2 in 1989] have become pseudo-celebrities.

all this background is to tell you that friday night, we went to the tower theater in slc to see a screening of best worst movie at the salt lake film festival. the doc has been making the festival rounds and people everywhere are talking about it. b & i were so excited to finally see it!

and i LOVED the movie. it was hilarious [and a little sad] to see that these non-celebrities are treated like gods at these underground movie viewing parties. mike did a great job.

after the screening, the cast & crew did a q&a in the theater. and i was ridiculously excited to find out that a girl from singles ward was not only IN troll 2, she was at the screening! my family is obsesssssed with singles ward; i probably accidentally quote it at least once a day. so i HAD to take a pic with her. [disregard this paragraph if you're not mormon; you'll have no idea what i'm talking about.]

"are your parents EVEN democrats??"

all in all it was a fun night. and if you ever hear about a screening of best worst movie [or troll 2, for that matter] i highly suggest checking it out.


Brandon and Erica said...

oh my gosh!I loved the progressive story :-)...Meet Erica...this is her sister Lindsay...she married Mike...Mike is a producer...his movie rocks. So fun to follow, but maybe it's because it was kinda about me :-) Still bummed I wasn't there with you that night, but glad you didn't call me out on your blog about it.

And, just for the record: you are a happy spot in my Utah life

Thank you Brandon, for being a Cougar.

2x2momma said...

You guys are settling into Utah life it looks like.
Even though I didn't get to see you all last year, I miss you!

La La Land said...

Alright there, stalker, we finally meet! I have been saying for a long time to my P-town girls, "who is this Lindsay girl that took my spot in Pasadena?" We should hook up, since we have the same friends, and are having a hard time in Utah!