Saturday, August 29, 2009

this week

this week i got not one but TWO migraine headaches. ughhhhhhhhhh.

this week my desk at work looked like this...working for a paper / scrapbook company is FUN!:

this week b finished up orientation and went to a marketing retreat in moab for three days. he rafted, hiked, stayed up late, played two-truths-and-a-lie [doesn't this sound like he went to a teenage girl's slumber party?], talked crap about byu football. just another regular week for him.

this week i thoroughly enjoyed my alone time. i recovered our couch pillows [didn't get brave enough for the piping, dana], made this and this, caught up on dvr.

this week some co workers invited me to go to lunch with them! so exciting. i've also made a few friends with the mba wives. yaaaay.

this week my sister visited me. this week i bought new shoes. this week I became a fugitive [turns out i maaaaybe have some unfinished expense reports out there from the old job....oy].

next week my mom & brother are coming to visit! we get to eat steak at the in laws! i will hopefully not get a migraine! happy weekend.


The Hunt House said...

Fun times. Have you ever had your blood pressure checked? Migraines are not cool.

dana said...

oh man, sorry about the migraines. HORRIBLE.
I'm sure your seat cushions are adorable all the same! :)
No pics of the shirt and necklace???? I'm dying to see!

LB3K said...

Ummm, hello? Where are your picks of your pillows and your necklaces and your upcycled t-shirt? Need to see them. . . ;0)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Did you seriously make that necklace and t-shirt? You HAVE to take pictures of you in them. Look at you go! So productive!!

sachia said...

Two migranes in a week? Maybe it's all the little different pieces of paper on your desk, darn.

Sami said...

Hello friend. I'm so sad that we now live in the same state and haven't been able to see each other. Sorry I missed the wedding. I hope it was fun. I was wondering if we could get together for lunch Friday. What time is your lunch break?