Saturday, August 22, 2009


on thursday we went to see iron + wine and okkervil river in slc. this show was part of an outdoor summer concert series. i always like any type of show you can go to under the stars, but i doubt we would have chosen to go if brittany & spencer didn't invite us. it WAS a school night.

i actually never even saw the stage. we got there late and sat on the grass in a side wing of the concert area. i liked that even better! we had room to lounge around, spread out, eat our dinner and chat -- all while enjoying the great music.

we ate sandwiches [though mine was seriously missing the promised avocado] from a place called jimmy johns. food was sufficient, but they earned extra points for selling giant pickles for $1! yum.

highlights of the night included getting a can of pepsi thrown over our heads, b getting hit on by some chick, sharing a delicious orange-pineapple snow cone and watching spencer squeeze easy cheese into bugles and then eat them. i love britt and spencer and i'm glad they still live here!

we also did a lot of people-watching, as this event produced a major turnout of indie-style people with all sorts of weird piercings, tattoos and hair. except the difference between indie people in UT and indie peope in CA is that here they all have kids! so weird. maybe i haven't seen an indie 4 year old before, but it was entertaining.


Jean said...

Yay, I love Iron & Wine!! Sounds like a fun night! Bugles + spray cheese = AWESOME.

Rachel said...

you and your pickles... =)
you need to come visit ME!!

dana said...

Oh, an outing in the summer night air. Sounds perfect! And reminds me of our funny venture to Sixteen Candles. haha. That was really fun actually! :)