Friday, August 14, 2009

i'm ok

today is our one-month anniversary of officially moving to utah.

things are going well. i'm making friends at church and at work and i really like my job. the mountains are pretty. we get a lot of free dessert from the in laws. blogging/tweeting/IMs/emails keep me in touch with all my friends at home. b starts orientation next week. and my mom is coming up in a few weeks! yay.

yesterday i was freeeeezing cold in my new office, so this morning i grabbed my trusty dole blanket, which was my sidekick just about every single day at golinharris. for some reason our building in downtown decided that the hotter it was outside, the colder our offices needed to be, so it was typically freezing there too.

this blue blanket was a freebie gift because dole is (was?) a GH client, so i grabbed it as soon as i saw it. it is SO cozy and warm and i love it.

and today, just having it here at work with me makes me feel happy and good and content. when i was little, i was totally one of those blankie kids who needs their blanket at all times -- apparently i haven't outgrown the security blanket phase.

i think i'll be able to handle this utah thing after all.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Happy one month anniversary of being in Utah :) Meanwhile, we've got one week left in Utah. So much to do, so little time! Thanks again for all your suggestions.

Jean said...

Yay for the Dole blanket!! You and Weston are of one heart on this!! I can't believe your hubster is starting orientation so soon already - crazy! Lyndsey, you will make friends wherever you go. :-) Your ward just hit the jackpot with you guys!!

Jennifer said...

This blog made me think that you need an electric blanket. It's going to get WAY colder. I bought one for me to use HERE IN CA. This spring when JOn had the windows open and fan on, I was so happy under my electric blanket on the low setting. Seriously, Utah winters would be so much nicer with a heated blanket.

I got mine at Kohls online. I got a single because Jon would never want it on him, so it fits my side of the bed. It's super soft and cozy. NOthing like the felt blankets with huge coils in them from my childhood.

Oh, but wait. I was recently told that a fertility specialist said that women shouldn't use electric blankets if they are trying to get pregnant. So if that applies to you, forget everything I said about getting a blanket. :)