Saturday, August 22, 2009

mba beginnings

b started orientation this week. so far he has climbed over obstacle courses at camp williams, met his first-semester group partners, attended a bunch of leadership / professional workshops and become known as "the nintendo guy."

first day of school -- they had to dress professional. i thought he looked cute:

last night we went to a bbq and i finally got to meet all the people he's been hanging out with this week -- and who he will be hanging out with, probably more than he'll be with me, for the next two years. everyone was really nice! and surprisingly, not evvvveryone had kids. yay! maybe i'll have kid-less friends here.

though we did have the bbq at a very child-friendly park, and there WAS a table marked "kid food" [chicken nuggets + fruit + cookies and candy -- with a distinct sign that said "children only" but you KNOW i lasted about 10 minutes before i kyped a handful for myself. come on, big kids like cookies too!]. after everyone finished eating we stayed at the tables and talked with people, but 90% of the group migrated to the playground with their ninos. i guess some things never change.

also i would like to say that so far my favorite thing about utah is being able to legally talk on my cell phone while driving. though of course that means IDIOTS are talking on their cell phones too and thus not driving well, but i like calling my mom on my way home from work without wrestling my hands-free earpiece.


Jennifer said...

Here's the truth about the migration to the playground. Moms will eventually wish their kids would just play nicely at the the park so they can sit on the park benches and visit with their friends. It does get old standing behind a swing or chasing a daring toddler around the jungle gym- especially if they haven't had any adult company all day.

In the meantime, go stand on the playground with them and chat. Especially if a mom has a child who is fond of the swing. She will NEVER be able to leave and will ONLY be able to talk with other moms by the swings. Sometimes it's lonely out there too.

Congrats of wonderful mba beginnings.

Chelsea said...

I just realized that he's in the same program as my sister who just got off her mission... maybe they know each other? I bet they'll at least meet each other some day. Her name is Jasmine Palmer, you should ask!

dana said...

Yes, standing by a mom at the swing is the PERFECT answer. We're usually stationary for a good 10 minutes!
And what's so bad about friends with kids? We love being friends with kid-less people too! :)
I guess most married people in grad programs have entered that kid stage, so it's just the reality.
Sorry you feel like the minority at times though.
Congrats to Brandon! He looks spiffy and important in his suit!