Sunday, August 9, 2009


i am tired. but up past my bedtime because i accidentally took a long sunday nap today.

i would just like to say that EVERYONE in utah drives scooters. and if they don't drive a scooter they drive a motorcycle. which is totally fine with me; i fully support the two-wheeled crew [especially if they drive a yamaha]. what i do NOT support is that they do NOT ride safely! tonight we saw a guy on the freeway going 90 mph with NO HELMET. seriously. people are idiots and need to take a motorcycle safety foundation class. we need over-the-ankle boots, a riding jacket, long pants and sleeves, and HELMET. ugh.

end of rant.

also my new job is still fun. but i just hate the getting-used-to period of a new job. i think it takes six months before you're really used to something, so the fact that tomorrow is only day 4 poses a slight problem for me.

BUT, guess what? people in utah take lunch breaks. this is so exciting. i haven't taken a lunch break in a loooong time unless you count running to the post office or going out with my team. mostly i just snacked at my desk throughout the day and never really went outside. in utah you get a whole HOUR and everyone actually leaves. and then, at the end of the day, they go home right at 5 p.m.! this is all sort of a foreign alien wasteland to me, but i think i can get into this stuff.

that is all.


dietcokegrrl said...

I hate the new job period too...hope it passes quickly for you.

And yay for real work hours--an hour lunch AND out the door at 5!! whoo hoo!!

Jean said...

Yahoo for the official lunch break!! Definitely helps to get through the day, eh? And yeah -- Tim and I always groan when we see motorcyclists without helmets. Argh. :-)

Michelle said...

WE MUST SEE EACH OTHER! City girls relocating to Utah Unite.

It's been an interesting transition. I love your posts. :)

Michelle said...

hey, I should meet you on your lunch break. haha.:)

cvargen said...

Tell us about your job? What are you doing? Glad you're still enjoying it!! Take care, Cathy

dana said...

lame cyclists. But HOOORAY for lunch breaks!!

JoLee said...

Way to support MC safety! You are too cute :) Lunch break, what a novel idea!