Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

my favorite photo of 2010

time for my annual year-in-review [see 2008 and 2009 and decide for yourself where 2010 fits in the coolness scale]. 2010 was a good year but i feel like i just got used to writing the correct date, so hopefully i'll adjust more quickly to 2011.

here's what went down in 2010:
i think what i'll always remember most about 2010 is that it was the year i became a mom. i've spent most of the past five-and-a-half months stressing out about jack, wondering if i'm doing this whole mothering thing right, worrying about sleep patterns and poop schedules and pumping and eating and growth spurts and everything else -- but also falling head over heels in love with my cute little boy and delighting at every smile, milestone, burp, sneeze and squawk. i used to think that if i just worked hard enough, read enough, tried hard enough i could be a perfect mom with a perfect baby on a perfect schedule...but i learned really quickly that this is not realistic and if i kept it up i'd only give myself a nervous breakdown. 2010 taught me to go with the flow, try to be flexible [one of my bigger struggles, ha], say my prayers and just do my best -- and guess what? things still worked out. jack survived, i survived, and we're still moving forward. so, thanks to this year -- i reached a pretty good milestone of my own.

happy new year friends! here's to a great 2011.


Angela and Mike said...

I like what you said about parenting. It's so true...I was pretty sure that if I was just DILIGENT I could get Colton to do whatever it is that I wanted. haha, I know better now :) But usually I find that if I try they end up pretty good anyways...that baby jack is OH so cute.

The Mid Life Guru said...

You are doing fabulous with the whole mom thing. Jack is one lucky little guy. Thanks for sharing some of your 2010 with us. Here's to a wonderful 2011...