Monday, March 2, 2009

and it's monday.

i was informed recently that i've been slacking on the blog. i think i am capable of being psychotically enamored with only one social media outlet at a time, and lately that has been twitter -- so the blog has been neglected. twitter is, however, breeding ADD in me because i check it constantly. [but if i didn't, how would i ever hear about a mormon girl swallowing her engagement ring, or find out the new editor in chief at car & driver mag before my boss knew about it, or learn about cool mobile food phenomena? more on that last one later. but as you can see, life without twitter would be a sad place.]

or maybe we just haven't been doing anything "cool." sometimes i do fun things and i bring my camera along and i think, this would be a perfect blog entry.

but sometimes all i do on the weekends is watch 30 rock on dvd, make cards, sit on the couch and quote movies for hours with b, go to target, provide free babysitting and cook food for other people and eat delicious apple crisp with friends and well...those things are just not quite so blog-friendly. but they are still my life and these things still make me pretty happy. even if it's not worth a whole blog entry once in a while, i think i have a pretty fun life.

maybe this is blog worthy? last week i found a quarter in a crack in the street on my walk to the train! i was very happy. even though i receive a pretty decent salary check every fifteen days, i get realllly excited if i find a quarter. THEN, the next day, i was working from home and found another quarter in our building hallway. angels were smiling upon me last week. the vending machines at work are new, thanks to the remodel, and now snacks are 50 cents. takes double the luck to find enough change for a snack, but apparently i'm up for it.

i suppose the moral of this story is that i find happiness in simple things. like grocery shopping at 8 a.m. when shelves are fully stocked and no people are out yet. or making it to the train station just in time to hop aboard before the train leaves. or making a new friend on the new blog. or the fact that sometimes i still wish i had stayed in nyc, but then today my google weather tracker says it is 19 degrees there and crazy snowy and i am grateful for my sunny pasadena and palm trees and fun friends who throw monday potlucks where i get to eat two cookies and a brownie for dinner.

life is good.
even if there's not much to blog about.


Jean said...

Two quarters??!! BAAAA!! That is awesome!! And definitely very blog-worthy. :-)

Michelle said...

I would totally toot my horn about providing free babysitting. That is like Gold+Infinity amount of charity all rolled into one, heaven-sent act. :)

keep finding joy in the little things! it's a good reminder for me.

dana said...

I couldn't believe the "girl swallowing engagement ring" was even newsworthy. I only hope it was in the later portion of any news program....hopefully not their lead story.
And btw, you're more on top of your blog than many I know. Not a slacker by any means!

Brandon and Erica said...

thank you for still blogging even when you feel it isn't blog worthy.

Anything you write is's like gold...or quarters.

P.S. I owe you an email. I know, I know.

sachia said...

Oh no?? ALl you got was a cookie and two brownies for dinner? I should have left the entire cookie plate for you!!!!! I owe you some food my dear, also had no idea the crazy story of the ring swallower was a mormon couple. We should have known from the "creative" proposal they we're mo's.

lyndsey said...

haha, no. i got plenty of delicious food. i just happened to gorge myself on cookies and a brownie on the way out :) thanks, it was delish!

Cooper's Mom said...

free babysiting AND cooking for other people? Will you cook for me while you babysit Coop so that I have a delicious meal waiting when I get home? That could be a perfect day for me! :)