Wednesday, March 11, 2009

place your bets

i can't believe how ridiculously in to american idol i am this year. I LOVE IT.

meant to post this last night...whoops. even though we're now down to the top 11 [that final 13 sure didn't last long], mark my words. here's my bid for the top 3, in no particular order:

adam lambert [i've got a mad emo crush on that one. looooove him. and yes, i'm aware he's probably gay.]
allison iraheta [her heart song was the first number of the season that i actually had to watch multiple times. i adore her.]
lil rounds [she's ok. but i think she'll go far. or danny gokey will beat her out with all his shirt-matching glasses and dead-wife pity. but i'll stick to my prediction.]

can't wait to see how it ends up! who are your predictions?


Brandon and Erica said...

dude! I couldn't even watch AI this week...and of course my short-term memory failed me (what's new?) so I didn't record the episodes.


Jamie Onken said...

I don't know any of there names but I like the one with long blond hair(not her last song she did but I think her voice is rad) and the red head also I like the guy with the glasses and the one that plays the piano. But they are all pretty good this season.

dana said...

I love your picks...
But I think I'd put Danny Gokey above Allison. I'm going to say:
1. Adam
2. Danny
3. Lil

Shall we institute a prize for the winner? :)

JoLee said...

There are too many good ones for me to choose! I definitely say Adam and Danny are my two favorites.