Thursday, March 5, 2009

sugar shock

today i did not eat dessert.

this is a BIG deal. if you are a regular reader of the blog you know i have this oddly high tolerance for sugar. i've been known to eat half a joe joe at 7 a.m. while i'm packing lunches, sneak a chocolate truffle after finishing my cereal, get a little candy pick-me-up in the 4 p.m. snacking hour, or enjoy an extra dessert with b during american idol. not to mention i LOVE cookies any time, anywhere, any style. mmm.

sometimes i get a little too carried away. for example, yesterday at work i ate half a cookie...a scoop of ice cream...another bit of ice cream and a slice of cake at church (balancing it all with a handful of cereal and a string cheese for dinner). by the time i came home i was feeling pretty nasty and regretful. yuck.

then this morning b and i were IMing. here is an excerpt of our conversation.

b: today i challenge you not to eat dessert
l: um...i don't think so
b: it will make you feel better and you'll have more energy.
l: no WAY. sugar makes me who i am.

l: without sugar i would just be a sad, boring, un-sassy lyndsey

b: oh come on. sugar is not your personality

b: try it for one day
l: hmm
l: okay. but i just ate mini wheats. does that count?
b: no, that's okay
b: just no empty calorie sugar treats
b: cookies, candy, etc.

and that's how it began. i have actually made it 13 hours since that conversation with NO treats. i'm still sort of amazed that i did it. once in college lacy and i decided to give up dessert, starting on a sunday morning. we didn't eat breakfast or lunch that day because we were fasting, and halfway through dinner we decided we couldn't handle it anymore and traded our chicken cordon bleu for an ice cream waffle. me? persistant? what?

the best co-accomplishment of today was that during these 13 hours, i attended a baby shower. a baby shower! one of the best opportunities for free and guilty treats. i said no to ice cream, bottle-shaped sugar cookies, peanut m&ms and a carmel apple, all in a two hour span. um...yeah. i was drooling, but i said no repeatedly.

but i'm not dumb. i collected those items at the end of the night, shoved them in my purse and have them waiting on my table for me to enjoy whenever i break this streak:

we'll see how long it lasts. i was proud of myself this afternoon and told my co worker about the new pledge [via IM once again...i was working remotely]. her response? "ha. so your girl scout cookies that arrived in the office today? those are just going to go to brandon?"

DANG IT. i guess tomorrow is another day...we'll see if it includes sugar or not.

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Jean said...

Hahaha. Kudos on making it through the day, though!! I would've had a hard time completely passing on those bottle-shaped cookies too. :-) I definitely have a sweet tooth, but I'm forced to moderate it a little more now since Weston always wants a nibble of whatever I'm eating. I'll give myself diabetes, but I feel a little guilty giving it to my baby. :-P