Monday, March 9, 2009

depends on how you spin it

last night i was hating daylight savings. i rolled around in bed till at least 1 a.m. (waaaay past the regular lyndsey bedtime), trying to force myself to go to sleep as i knew i'd be wiped out this morning.

this morning i hated daylight savings even more when my alarm clock went off at 7 (felt like 4 a.m. -- i swear, we only lose ONE hour but it feels like so much more) and it was dark outside and i was so sleepy i didn't even want to eat.

and then things started looking up. to celebrate daylight savings we got to wear our pjs to work! fun fun. my bff co worker joLee actually wore footsie pajamas. i was not even aware they made them in adult sizes but here is proof:

we were quite comfy and happy all day. ALSO my boss came back to work today after a looong four month maternity leave! yay. here's the boss, me, jL and fellow co workers:

oh and also -- in addition to the jammies we had a cereal party. yay cereal! mmm. i kind of OD'ed but whatever. at least it wasn't cookies.

but truly the GREATEST part of today was that when b and i left work -- at 6 p.m.! -- IT WAS LIGHT OUTSIDE.

so. fantastic.
you don't know how wonderful it is to come out after being inside for nine hours and see the sun -- makes my whole day feel longer. and better.

even makes all that nasty early wake up stuff worth it.

p.s. except i got another migraine today. not quite as bad as fri's but still bad. maybe sleep deprivation brought it on?

p.p.s. completely unrelated to daylight savings but tonight i inhaled a combination of ginger, garlic and roasted red pepper as it was sauteeing on my stove. and i am STILL coughing. can breathing in spices damage your respiratory track?

happy daylight savings!


dana said...

Yea, the switching of clocks kinda throws everything off.
Fun that you got to wear jammies to work. But (no offense to Jolie) I wouldn't be caught dead in public, in a onesie pajama thing.

Nat said...

Wow, your friend is brave to wear those pj's...I bet she was extremely comfortable though. Happy Daylight Savings=oxymoron :)

Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. It's those baby showers with the sugar over load that's giving you the headaches!

JoLee said...

Your friend JoLee is crazy to wear that to work...brave girl...hahaha!

Jean said...

PJ's and cereal at work -- that is awesome. But guess what! When you're a SAHM, you get to have a PJ's and cereal party EVERY DAY. :-) (If you're me, anyway.)