Tuesday, March 17, 2009

green day

i posted this last year, but it STILL brings me unequivocal, delirious happiness. so i'm sharing it once again. enjoy!

happy st patricks day :)

[and p.s. -- if you REALLY want a treat...check out the remix here.]


Jean said...

Dude. YOU ARE AWESOME. We love love love this video. We quote it ALL the time.

Nat said...

i think we can all agree that this is the best st. patrick's day clip EVER! thanks for making my sp day again this year! :)

sachia said...

Crap, when is my husband going to fix my speakers on my computer so I can get back in the game? Dang dang and dang, this looks funny! I love a good funny.

schnazdoodle said...

I forgot about this. I love it so.