Friday, March 6, 2009

just so you know.

i woke up this morning, took a shower, straightened my hair and started seeing stars. that means a killer migraine is coming on. UGH.

i popped some ibuprofen, ate some cereal and went back to bed for three hours. when i woke up, i had another bowl of cereal, three peanut m&ms and two of those little cookies from last night. and what do you know -- i started feeling better.

[if by better you mean i still can't see, i feel like the walking dead and i still momentarily wonder if my skull will split open. but hey, i came into work, so i guess i'm not doing that bad.]

i'm still not 100% and the recent sugar intake only helped mildly, but i'm just sayin -- i think yesterday's dessert fast is already proving to be a terrible idea.


Jean said...

Aww! I hope you keep feeling better! Yeah, we should probably never restrict sugar intake. I feel a slight headache coming on right now, as a matter of fact. I'm off to have a Joe-Joe. :-)

dietcokegrrl said...

I can so relate to this one!! I had the same thing just last month. I took one lone tylenol (all I could take due to being pregnant at the time) and had a large Barqs RB from In-n-out and popped lots of Dove milk chocolate promises. And then vegged on the couch.

It definitely helps if you catch it BEFORE it actually hits.

Can't believe you went into work--you're dedicated! Now go get a coke or diet coke or dr pepper or something with caffeine to help that headache! Hope you feel better soon!

JoLee said...

you are addicted to sugar! I love it...could be addicted to something worse I guess :)

dana said...

haha. awesome! (I mean, not that you felt crappy, but that a little sugar helped).
I had a headache this morning too and a little diet coke seemed to help the problem :).

Scott and Megan said...

Maybe you need to not cold turkey it--- try baby steps.

But for now, try lots of rest. Feel better.

Angela and Mike said...

i love your family photos! sorry i missed the post earlier

Nat said...

Withdrawals! It's best to not deprive your body of the very substance that keeps it running...i.e. sugar or caffeine. I think that's what it says in the Word of Wisdom, right? :)

sachia said...

I get migrane's too but no Diet Coke can cure it, I have to go for the heavyweight Excedrin! So sorry about your fairy headache man splitting your head in two with an axe...please make him go way soon!