Tuesday, March 17, 2009

baked good weekend

so we had a great weekend. but now that it's tuesday i don't much feel like regurgitating the whole thing for you on the blog.

suffice it to say our two-day break involved the americana, girl scout cookie ice cream, waiting for guffman, sleeping in, pretending it's summer, spending our tax refund, wii, friends, and cupcakes:

and a side note. i was supposed to bake a cake for a ladies-only church luncheon on saturday. the cakes were to be the centerpieces so i had pressure to make it look pretty. however, i procrastinated my planning, and then couldn't bring myself to frost a cake, so i decided to go the good old bundt cake route. and then i found out my oven doesn't work.

not so bad from the side:

but from the top it was a train wreck:

not even frosting and sprinkles could salvage it. i almost bailed on the activity all together but decided to go anyway. and when i got there i got to listen to amazing music from some very talented pianists and singers and a violinist, and hear some talks about ways i can be a better, more loving, more giving person, and i got to see real charity in action: when i walked in with a distraught look on my face and a tragically damaged cake in my hands, a mid-sixties-ish woman who had recruited me for the cake baking took one look at me and said "turns out a lot of people brought extra cakes -- so we can leave yours in the back room and you can take it home!" i laughed out loud and gratefully agreed.

she found me after the program, on my way to lunch, just to reassure me that she loves lemon cake and didn't want mine to go to waste and she had eaten a piece of the cake and LOVED it. [of course she ate the most damaged looking section of the cake so i could take home and cut up the rest for a better presentation.] the next day at church she found me again just to tell me she was still thinking about my delicious cake and she was so glad i had made an effort.

moral of the story: sometimes i suck at baking. and sometimes kind, motherly older women warm my heart right up.


LB3K said...

I think it looks quite pretty! Much better than mine would have turned out. . . :0)

dana said...

I'm still laughing about Bonnie sending your cake off to the "other room" for leftovers. I think it looks great though! And I'm sure it was yummy :)

Jean said...

Awww, that's so great! Bonnie's awesome. Okay, so it's not the prettiest cake in the world, but it was still delish! So, way to go, sista!!

JoLee said...

We are all our worst critics, I am sure that cake is fabulous!

sweetsusan said...

You take after your aunt in the cooking dept. I would like you to bring me a cupcake from Crumps Bakery when you come next week---PLEASE!!!!

The Facks of Life said...

That cake rocked! So yummy! And thank you for turning Max to the lemony side of life. :)

Kathryn said...

That was a nice story. Sorry your cake was a disaster. I think maybe things like this happen to keep us humble. Bah.