Monday, March 30, 2009

in brief

tonight i killed a spider. i haven't done that since i got married [that's what husbands are for, right? killing spiders] because i HATE spiders. but i was really brave tonight and did it.

maybe i was just trying to atone for the fact that the spider was lurking around a bag of grapefruit i snuck over the arizona border yesterday -- i'm pretty sure that's illegal because why else do they have the agriculture inspection when you come into california? whoops. my environmental science teacher would be so disgusted -- i am contributing to non-native invasive insect growth.

also two hours ago i almost threw up at the gym. mental note: lactose intolerant people should not eat ice cream before running three miles.

also every time i see the previews for the hannah montana movie and/or 17 again [i think that's what it's called -- you know, with zac efron] i get really excited. first american idol, now this? i think i am mentally stunted at the age of 14.

and for the miracle of the day: b left his wallet at my parents' house this weekend. his train pass was in it. this morning we decided to buy him a one-way pass here in pasadena instead of just breezing through the station hoping we wouldn't get caught before buying our april passes. what do we see when de-boarding the train at pershing square? cops checking tickets. oy. so glad we were legit today -- thats a $200 fee [and, allegedly, 40 hours of community service] we just avoided. yesss.

is anyone else shocked that april starts in one day?


Angela and Mike said...

haha, I love that your growth is stunted at age 14. I think you actually are progressively getting younger and younger with your tastes. First AI, then Hannah Montana...what's next?...Dora the Explorer? I'll keep watch on you. haha.

PS Yeah, It's almost 2 in the morning and I am posting this comment. Why you ask? Oh, becuase I have a baby so I'm up at 2 am doing a feeding! :)

dana said...

I'm SO glad you bought a one-way pass! That would have been horrrrrible.