Sunday, March 8, 2009

taco weekend

let's just get it out there: i love tacos. i could probably eat some form of latin-inspired cuisine every day for the rest of my life. i also love just about any type of asian food as well (except i don't eat anything with fish -- so that kills sushi. sorry folks) but there is just something about mexican food that i adore.

anyway, this was an awesome weekend for tacos. friday night, i was finally recovering from the dreaded migraine and wanted a low-key dinner.

[you'll be happy (disgusted?) to note i've been back to my old sugar habits ever since the migraine. i'm even helping to expedite the addiction in young children -- today at church b and i gave jelly beans to three different children. mwahahaha. start em young!]

so friday -- we went to wahoo's fish taco for dinner. it was my first time. and i loved it! yum. in fact, i have the leftovers of a carne asada burrito in the fridge right now, calling my name.

but yesterday was the taco adventure to end them all. we've even got some back story here. as you know, i'm recently obsessed with twitter and through my surfing i kept hearing about kogi bbq. apparently there's this new startup phenomenon in l.a., where kogi bbq operates two trucks that drive around the city serving up korean tacos. mmm. i wasn't even sure what a korean taco was but i knew it sounded amazing.

if you're not intrigued yet, get this: they have the most brilliant marketing plan imaginable. every day they go to a different location, but the only way to find out where they'll be is by reading their updates on their blog or their twitter page. and it has turned into this craaaaaazy hit business. i swear, in the past two weeks i have read about kogi in the ny times, newsweek, the l.a. times and a million other places.

kogi tweets, the people come. i guess they average 300 to 700 customers a night, and they usually make a few stops.

yesterday was actually our second attempt tracking down the korean taco truck [i smile every time i say that phrase...just sounds so random] due to poor scheduling and a late truck last week, so i was bound and determined to get me some tacos last night.

we showed up 15 min. after scheduled truck arrival and the truck was indeed there -- along with a line of about 100 people. b and i stood there getting gradually colder and gradually hungrier. [maybe this is part of their brilliance? they make you stand in line for a long time, hungry and bored, while you smell amazing korean spices? you'd even love cardboard if it was smothered in kimchi after long enough.] we made friends with hippies in line and tried not to drool.

after an hour and a half WE MADE IT. the kogi web site posts pictures of tacos that look like these:

mine, however, looked like these (unphotoshopped):

they were indeed quite delicious, and made the wait worth it. my favorite was the korean short rib. i am still not convinced, however, that i'd wait another hour and a half for them again. i guess the rosemead location we went to is one of their most crowded; the truck also frequents stops in mid-wilshire, santa monica, eagle rock, los feliz, etc. so maaaaybe i will try another location in the future. and maybe i'm drooling right now just remembering the meal.

but for now, i am quite content with my taco weekend.


Roxanne said...

heres wishing that kogi sends its trucks down into san diego. it looks fabulous!

The Conder Family said...

We heard that a taco truck can't stay in one location by law. It sounds like they took a rule and turned it into an amazing marketing strategy. That's quite a following! I'm impressed with their brillance.

dana said...

I'm so glad you completed your quest!! And I'm I can't believe this was your first weekend for Wahoos too. Fun times.
Yay for tacos!

Jean said...

What an awesome taco weekend. I'm still cracking up at "Korean tacos," but man, they look good. Way to track down the truck finally!!

I think every weekend should be themed, like taco weekend. Next weekend should be banana weekend, followed by Shia Laboeuf weekend, followed by cloud weekend. Don't you think? :-)

megan said...

i am now REALLY hungry for a taco

thanks a lot

Kathryn said...

I have heard about this too from several sources. Doubt that Lilly would stand in line for that long for a taco though. I can only get her to do the Disneyland rides with the promise of a fun ride at the end. Sigh. I'll just have to live vicariously through your blog. But then, that's what all of your readers do, you realize.

Allison said...

Ditto "anything asian", s Ted and I would like our PR friends to inform us next time it's nearby

Cooper's Mom said...

1. Seriously, your first time to Wahoo's? And you're from California?

2. Seriously, 1.5 hours for two tacos?