Friday, March 27, 2009

still alive.

i think this is the longest i've gone without blogging in a loooong time. sorry to my two aunts, who both separately informed me today that they are disappointed in my blogging absence. apparently i have two fans! yay.

hmm...what has happened in the past 10 days? let's see...i've been grocery shopping x4, got a new phone, went back to blond hair, ran 9 miles, made my acting debut, drove to rancho x3. yeah, not so exciting.

this week was definitely a corporate week for me, which also took time away from blogging. i feel like an official businesswoman when i:

a. eat out for 6 out of 9 meals in a three-day timeframe [though, granted, i didn't pay for any of it]
b. work a 40 hour only four days
c. dream about media relations
d. all of the above were this week's occurrences. oh well, at least i'm working on fun projects and feeling fulfilled. and at least my husband works in the same office so we can see each other for lunch and occasional train rides.

i'm currently in arizona for a rocking surprise party. can't say too much about it as i'm not positive the birthday person won't read this blog before the party happens, but i'll be back with plenty of photos.

viva la cactus...i love arizona.


Jean said...

Okay, I've been disappointed too, but I feel better now. :-) Beautiful picture! Yay free meals! And I want to hear about the acting debut.

Angela and Mike said...

I miss you. That's all.

dana said...

I'm glad you're back too! And back to blonde? Fun!
Gorgeous picture of AZ. Have a fun weekend!

Cooper's Mom said...

acting debut? do tell! I too am a blog slacker. 12 days since my last post. :(

Lambson Family said...

i love az too! i wanna move there so bad! nates sis lives there and loves it!

Roxanne said...

blonde? I need a picture.