Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cool stuff

last night we were making our bi-weekly target run and i turned from examining english muffins and frozen chicken strips [SO delicious, btw -- those chicken strips taste just like my favorite ones from tgi fridays, sans the yummy jack daniels sauce] and i saw this guy plastered to the side of the freezer:

this is my friend daniel. we went to elementary school, junior high and high school together but i lost track of him around 10th grade. he was always one of my favorite people -- even though all the other girls fawned all over him [for obvious reasons], we were just always buddies and did algebra homework together.

and NOW he is a model. i saw his giant face painted all over life-size gap ads for the first time when i lived in nyc and had a minor heart attack right in the middle of 42nd street. since then i've gotten used to it. i've spotted him in j crew ads and most recently target. yay for daniel!

then we proceeded to purchase seven packs of gum, a personal record. why, you ask? because they were on sale! and also we love gum. and -- we've discovered a new flavor of orbit and IT was on sale too!

i've always loved orbit gum, mostly because of it's yummy flavors and it's lovely packaging. but these new mist flavors [while verging on being too sour for my tastes] take it to a whole new level! i've been saving my gum wrappers -- i think i'm going to use them to make a card one of these days.

in other news:
- the price of stamps goes up again in a few weeks, so go buy your forever stamps now.
- i went to the dentist today and encountered a brutal dental hygienist who repeatedly stabbed my non-flossed gums until my mouth filled with blood.
- i started out the week terrified of the swine flu but now [ironically, because the WHO caution level is now at a FIVE] i have resigned myself to the fact that if i didn't care enough to get a flu shot this year, i must not be that susceptible to the flu and therefore will take it if it comes. but if ONE person in my office shows flu-like symptoms, sorry tracy -- i'm working from home until further notice.
- look what i did to my cutie tangerine/orange!

"she could peel an apple in one long, curly strip." -- tom hanks, sleepless in seattle
[i can't do the apple -- i've tried, numerous times -- but i CAN do the cutie! yesss.]

and lastly, ONE WEEK till my mini stay-cation. that is all. happy wednesday!


JoLee said...

Love this blog...full of random thoughts, insight and a famous friend! You are too cute.

Jamie Onken said...

I can do the apple! Don't be jealous!

Jean said...

Haha! Super post. I'm so happy for the hot model friend. Woo! And nice find on that gum! I WILL go buy my Forever stamps now, thanks for the reminder! Sorry about the owie mouth - Tim and I can TOTALLY relate - that's a story for another time. Don't worry about swine flu, you won't get it. :-) Great job on the cutie! And yaaaaay stay-cation soon! Woot woot!!

sachia said...

I'm a huge Orbit gum person thanks for the insight, so cool that your frined is plastered all over the place. He is super cute but your humor and wit tops it all miss lady.

dietcokegrrl said...

Love the random stuff post.

* Yikes--sorry about the dentist
* Totally relate to the gum thing (although i stopped chewing it around the time I had kids, no idea why)
*impressive work on the cutie

I still want to try and go walking sometime, but my schedule it just totally opposite of yours. sigh.

Miss you!
p.s. Allison's story is totally true. Sorry. I am afraid this ward has totally freaked you out about having kids. :)

Angela and Mike said...

Have you ever contacted your model friend? How fun. You MUST live in LA.

Michelle said...

maybe when we reunite in utah valley we can take an apple peeling class together and get in right one day, eh?

I reserve the cards with the Orbits wrappers on them. they will be sweet!

i won't be surprised for the day i see your face plastered all over the city here. after your debut in realsimple, the sky's the limit, girl!

ps thanks for teh forever stamps reminder!

virginia said...

OMG, i just bought THAT SAME EXACT GUM!

schnazdoodle said...

Ahhhh! I found that flavor of Orbit gum when I was in Texas! I ate the entire pack already and haven't been able to find it here in SoCal! :(