Friday, April 10, 2009

happy easter weekend!

so cal is a little too gloomy for my liking this weekend -- i prefer my easter holidays sunny and full of colorful, bright springtime flowers. but that's okay! i took care of that last part on my own, thanks to trader joes:

now, if i can just get sunday morning to turn out sunny, all will be well.

i love easter. what a hopeful holiday in all senses of the word. even the egg hunt at work and getting off early today aren't quite as good as what easter is really all about. [though reese's eggs are allllllmost right up there ;) ]


megan said...

well said
great talk
beautiful flowers!
maybe i should make a trader joes run

Jean said...

Beeeaaaauuutiful flowers!! And yeah, I'm with you on Reese's. :-)

JoLee said...