Monday, April 6, 2009


just in case you were wondering what dinner at the payzant-wells household looks like, here you go.

tonight i made myself a dainty girlish salad; b's plate [after he'd already eaten a few bites] has cous cous, salad and a GIANT slab of lamb. yes, lamb. he cooked it himself on the bbq.

i'm pretty sure this baby is three servings in one but he downed the whole thing. this, from the man who eats thousand-calorie burgers at islands. enjoy that lightspeed metabolism while you can, honey.


Jean said...

Wow, LAMB?? Way to channel the Armenian vibe of this community. :-) That looks SO good!!

Angela and Mike said...

Is it sad that I think I would eat that much meat too? I introduced mike to cous cous the other day and he thought the name of it was hysterical. He kept repeating everything at dinner TWICE in honor of the cous cous :)

sachia said...

Who's Armenian????? They sure know how to do it!!!