Monday, April 6, 2009

morning walk

my brief spell of depression has departed [thanks in part to all of your kind words! <3] -- i'm trying to focus on what is good and positive in my life, rather than letting myself get all whiny and frustrated. part of that plan is to appreciate the little things in my daily life, which is surprisingly easy when you start to pay attention.

one of my favorite [and most taken for granted] parts of the day is my morning commute. b and i take the train into downtown every day. i am so lucky to be able to work w/ the husband; we usually have a lot of fun on our walk to the train [partly because we have made up names for most of our regularly-spotted neighbors and their dogs].

our train station is just a ten minute walk from the door of our apartment. there are so many parts of the walk that make me last week i brought the camera along to try to capture it, starting at the door of our apartment:

pasadena has the best architecture. this giant house is down the street from our complex -- it's still cool even though it's a little rundown:

how crazy blue is this sky? amazing:

and then we end up here:

we board the gold line and ride nine miles through the most amazing valleys and hills of so cal. even though i grew up close by, i never visited highland park or lincoln heights and i was seriously missing out. [let's be serious, it's not the NICEST part of town -- all the bars on the windows and lack of backyards sort of reminds me of the old hood on the west side -- but the scenery is amazing.] we can see from the san gabriel mountains to dodger stadium to chinatown to east l.a. and i marvel at the green hills and sunshine every morning. i love living here!


Jean said...

Yaaaaay! I love these photos. I feel like I just walked to the train station with you guys now. :-)

dana said...

I like the morning walk! We had to stop by Casey's work on Sunday and as we passed Pershing Square, I thought of you. Btw, did you know there was a HUGE pillow fight there on Friday? Weird. We still saw the feathers floating around the grounds Sunday morning.

JLM said...

Surprisingly, this looks a lot like my walk to the train station. :)

Michelle said...

aww I am glad you are back to happy. love the pics. I enjoy having a reference point now when you mention your walk to the train station. and thank you for rubbing in your fabulous weather. it's cold and rainy here. ick.