Friday, April 3, 2009


today sucks.

it was supposed to be my work-from-home day but our lovely laptop decided to sever its connection to the internet. after a yelling match between me & b, an hour on the phone with "tech people," various unplugging and plugging in, changing out of my sweats into real clothes and fighting a gnarly bad mood -- i was forced to drive in to work.

i have now spilled hummus on my jeans and diet coke on my shirt.
i've eaten the last THREE japanese chocolate cookies. [sorry, auto team. all gone.]
i can't focus.
i'm not winning ANY of @skydiver's trivia questions on giveaway day.
[i did, however, get an automated phone call earlier telling me -- in spanish -- that i won a million dollars. glad my high school espanol classes are paying off.]
and i still have FOUR hours left!!! blahhh.

sorry that my last two posts have been so negative. *deep breath.*
but we are okay people! all is well. this weekend is general conference [my favorite time of the year!] and i shall be rejuvenated soon enough. woot.

until then, i hope your friday is better than mine ;)


dana said...

Annoying day. But hooray for Conf Weekend! I agree, love this time of year. Of course I loved it more when I didn't have kids and could watch as much as I wanted...but there I go complaining again :).
Hope your Friday ends better! Craft night for you!

Angela and Mike said...

Lame. It's stinks that you had to go into work...I'm sorry. I will make sure to go tell your internet that it is STUPID.

Michelle said...

i enjoy the fact that we can share in our rotten days. we had parent teacher conference today. Cade's teacher showed me a bunch of worksheets that tested him on a bunch a junk and the one thing that made me cry (after leaving) was a coloring page. The kid colored in the lines. HOW SAD IS THAT? He used to never color in the lines before preschool. The darn place is stunting his creativity!!!waaah.

Anyway. It's the weekend and maybe you'll have a fun drive home and accidentally pull into a pastry shoppe and devour a most amazing dessert.
it could happen.

Tyson and Heather said...

how nice you get to work from home, except on friday:(! sorry about the lame-o