Tuesday, April 14, 2009

we like movies.

tonight on idol, kris allen sang "falling slowly" from the movie once -- and we freaked. that's one of our favorite movies!! we adore the soundtrack and the movie overall. [um, kris -- best song choice of the night! that's saying something, since i'm head-over-heels in love with allison AND adam.]

which reminds me. i've been meaning to blog about some awesome movies we've watched lately. ["meaning to" for like eight months because i'm pretty sure we watched "once" during the summer.] so here goes:

man on wire. it won the oscar this year for best documentary and i looooved it. the whole thing is like a suspenseful crime caper, i loved seeing the world trade center from such an intimate perspective, and "man" -- philippe petit -- is hilarious.

good bye lenin & downfall. we have a thing for german movies in this house, and both of these are awesome. one has to do with a family dealing with the end of the cold war; the other is about the last days of hitler. both are great. hope you're good at reading closed captioning :)

the burbs
. um...i had never even heard of this movie until i married b. the first time we watched it, i hated it. the second time, i could barely breathe i was laughing so hard. it's now an eternal favorite. it's from 1989, stars tom hanks and corey feldman, and involves an exploding house. need anything else?

best of all, slumdog millionaire arrived this week from my netflix queue and i can't wait to check it out. i actually wrote a series of papers in college about bollywood and the indian film industry and i have been dying to see this movie.

so, with that. any other great movie recommendations out there?

disclaimer: i try to stick only to uplifting, quality movies that make me feel good (i.e. i would rather die than watch a judd apatow movie) -- we avoid movies with lots of violence, language, sex scenes etc. some of these movies are rated R or include content i wouldn't be comfortable watching...so we wait for them to come on dvd and then watch them on our clearplay and self-edit out all the bad stuff we don't like :) it's truly brilliant. so, sorry if you watch these "uncut" and think they're a little questionable.


Angela and Mike said...

I forgot to comment to you about ai in my email. Are you really in love with adam and allison? I'm pretty sure adam is gay. DId you see the pic of him as a kid and he was a red head? Funny huh? He is super good though. Allison can totally sing too! Mike likes Anoop...but more just for fun, not to win. I like Kris and I like Danny...I'd probably listent to them on the radio. Adam is the most talented though. I love the scream thing he does haha.

Piper said...

I was so excited when Kris started singing "falling slowly"! That's one of our favorite songs--plus it doesn't hurt that he looks hot while he does it!

however, I too am on the adam band wagon.

Jean said...

Yay! I love movie reviews! You'll be happy to hear that I just added Man on Wire to my Netflix queue. I've been meaning to - it looks great!

HAHAHA... The Burbs. I used to watch that growing up. It's so funny!! "It came with de frame." LOL! That's a classic.

2x2momma said...

We LOVED Once too. I watched that movie a whole bunch of times and downloaded the soundtrack from Apple Store. We'll have to check out Man on Wire- feels like we haven't seen anything good in ages, except Slumdog!

dana said...

Oh man, we SO want to see Slumdog. But I'm trying to stay on my no r-rated kick. Maybe it's time to get a DVD player like yours!

We saw Man On Wire a while back and thought it was cool/crazy/interesting.

and thanks for the recommends on German movies! We'll have to check those out.

Nat said...

I love love LOVE Slumdog. Those kids were amazing. Oh man, I haven't seen The Burbs in forever! That movie seriously freaked me out when I was little. It's funny to see Tom Hanks in the most random 80s movie roles. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

Tara said...

A friend who knows my love of all things Irish recommended ONCE to me. I fell in love with it. I will have to check out some of your other picks...

schnazdoodle said...

Goodbye Lenin! and Der Untergang are great movies... I love that you watch them -- I personally think people need to watch more foreign movies. :)