Saturday, April 25, 2009

date night

thursdays are always "date night" in our house [although i suppose EVERY night is actually date night for us seeing as how we don't have kids and end up doing whatever we want most nights anyway] -- we started calling them that a while back because all of our favorite shows -- survivor, 30 rock, the office and formerly scrubs -- are all on that night.

date night mostly means we don't go to the gym and instead park it in front of the tv for a good three-hour stretch. b also tries to leave work at a normal hour and i try to actually cook something for dinner that doesn't come from a box. but once in a while we actually DO something on thursdays.

case in point: this week. south pasadena has a little farmer's market every thursday right in their old town area, possibly one of the cutest streets around. we can see it from the train each week and i have always wanted to go. this week, the stars aligned -- we left work on time and together, we had no other planned activities and it was still light outside when we got there. [sorry for the crappy quality photos -- left the camera at home, so these are all from b's phone.]

the street was fullll of people [mostly yappy small children, ugh, but plenty of young couples like ourselves as well] and we had a delightful time browsing all the booths. there used to be a farmer's market on our street in downtown every wednesday so i've become accustomed to the puny fruit and flower stands [and stealing strawberries and pear slices from the sample cart :) ], but this one was WAY better! they sold sprouts and kale and rhubarb and salted caramel ice cream [which was DELICIOUS, if you're wondering] and corn on the cob and orchids and other amazing things.

for dinner, i went with my normal standby of tacos:

and b opted for peruvian:

we sat on a rock and ate our food and enjoyed the evening -- it was a little cold that night, but other than that it was everything we hoped for. i love date night! then we came home and watched our shows and stole a chair off the side of the road, but that is a story for another post.


Nat said...

I always forget how cute South Pas is, with all their yummy restaurants and boutiques. I've seen their farmer's market, but have never actually gone...looks fun! One more incentive for another Pasadena visit!

Angela and Mike said...

I love Thursday nights! What a fun date night. Mike and I need to do those...but we'll be the ones walking with those "yappy children, ugh". :)

Jean said...

Yummy!! How fun! I love farmer's markets. But on Thursdays, Tim and I must rock the stay-at-home date night. :-)

virginia said...

OMG!! I looove the South Pas farmer's market... did you see the corn on the cob stand? The chile one rocks!