Saturday, April 11, 2009

i am a runner

okay, so i'm really NOT a runner. i sort of hate running and always have. but lately that's been my cardio activity of choice -- and today i ran a 5k!

i ran a 5k only one other time in my life, in college with erica, and i almost died. i don't remember much about it other than i kept wondering why i hadn't trained AT ALL. i also remember getting a sweet t-shirt, which i wore today in commemoration of that event.

this time around went pretty well. three lds churches in our area got together to plan the activity; we met up at the rose bowl at 9 a.m. i ran with niki & matt and suzy, and i only ended up walking some of the way. they weren't timing people when i got to the finish line, but i'd like to think i broke my 2005 record. [in case you were wondering, b didn't run. he babysat niki's kids and cheered for me when i came in. to quote him: "i'm trying to gain weight, not lose weight."]

getting ready to run [i lost my ipod armstrap, so i have to clip it to my pants. totally whisky tango]:

and let's be serious. the best part of the run was getting calorie-free vitamin water and a krispy kreme at the end!

i am so NOT interested in evvvvvver running a marathon, but this was pretty fun. i'd do it again. maybe i'd even run five miles sometime. i feel like i'm getting better at it and now that i am an official runner, i think i'll stick with it.


The Facks of Life said...

I have to say the krispy kremes were delicious, but only Matt could stuff his face with one only seconds after crossing the finish line. We should sign up for another race...maybe a 10k next time.

p.s. Suzy and I quite enjoyed cursing you the entire race for being a "new runner" and kicking our butts. She kept saying, "I thought she just started running! What's up with that?" Apparently you're a natural. I'm impressed. :)

Jean said...

Okay, no one told me anything about KRISPY KREME!!! That definitely needed to go on the flyer!

Way to go Lyndsey McRunster! Woohoo!

Angela and Mike said...

I really wanna run a 10k...5 miles. If you find a fun race in CA...we should do it together and I will drive up. I've heard of one that is in Disneyland!

Justin + kelly said...

Way to go!! Its so harder than it sounds/ looks!

Nick Onken said...

I don't think it's whiskey tango. Does that make ME whiskey tango?


LB3K said...

Yay! Good for you! It seems everyone I know is running and running. . . I guess I better join the club!

JoLee said...

Congratulations, I am so proud of you!

Brandon and Erica said...

oh my gosh! This post is almost one of my Top 5 elldub posts of all times! I loved that you wore your Rex Lee Run shirt in honor of your first 5K. I have to be honest, after running the 5K with you in college, I may have thought that would be your last 5k ever. Glad to see you're now shooting for 5 MILES! are my hero. You better believe that's just another event I will be adding to my, "What we are going to do when we live in the same state" list. :)

Good job, my friend. Well done.

(P.S. I just read the post about B wanting to buy turf...and I LOLed...seriously. Doesn't he want BYU turf? shheesh.)

Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love the video of Matt!! My personal favorite was in India where to mimics the girls movements! There were some really funny dances... like the little boys in phillipines... they're grinding the air!!! Perverts! I can't imagine all the time, travel, and money that went into this video!! Wow! thanks for sharing!

dana said...

woohooo! Look at you! Awesome. Especially eating a krispie kreme at the end.
I hope you keep it up! and yes, I have NO desire to run a marathon (and I did cross country and track in H.S.) 26 miles? what for?