Saturday, June 20, 2009

the countdown is on

days till the move: 8
boxes packed: 2
days of work left: 4
jobs for lyndsey: 0

we are making progress!

we found an apartment in orem, utah [it is less than one mile from a super target, so i know i will love it].
it is a TWO-bedroom and it has THREE large closets and a dishwasher -- and our rent will be less than half of what we pay now.
in one week i will be the proud owner of my very own washer and dryer.

so far, so good. i'm still feeling sad about leaving california, but at least i have some fun things to look forward to. and, life goes on -- today i went to my neighborhood ralph's and they had rearranged the WHOLE store. boo. the cake mixes were in the cereal aisle and toothpaste was where the candy used to be. i literally stopped in my tracks and had to re-gain my bearings. but, because i hate change, i can see this as a blessing -- because now i won't have to learn where everything is in the new layout. i'll just get a whole new grocery store 1,000 miles away to memorize instead. hmph.


Nat said...

8 days?!?! Wow, that came up fast. I still can't believe you're moving to Orem. Isn't there a Cafe Rio out that way now?
Good luck with everything, Lynds! We'll be in UT end of July, so lunch date then? :)

Mollie said...

Oh! I think you are going to be close to my parents! They live, pretty much, on the corner of Center Street and 400 North. Where are you?

sachia said... it really 8 days??? Sheesh, where does the time go, I really feel like you just got here. Sad.