Wednesday, June 17, 2009


BEST part of my day:

in the mormon church you get random jobs, or "callings," that you take on for a short period of time (sunday school teacher, music director, etc.) and then you get switched over to something new. this usually develops multiple skills and sides of yourself you didn't even know you had. also helpful because no one gets paid for doing any work in the church, so you don't start feeling like anyone owes you something because by the time you get used to one job it's time for another.

anyway, right now i serve with the teenage girls. i go to youth group activities on wednesday nights and teach an age-appropriate lesson every sunday. it is fun. when we lived on the west side we met with a different congregation and i worked with the teenage girls there TOO. [apparently something about me says i need to hang out with high school kids.] i haven't done the best job of keeping in touch with my girls from l.a. besides the occasional facebook message, and i've missed them.

tonight i was riding the train home alone and saw a familiar face get on at chinatown station -- it was one of my girls from l.a.! michelle was taking the train from her home up to south pasadena to study for her finals. we got to chat most of the train ride home and it was SO fun to see her and catch up. when i left l.a. she was a little she's a very grown up 14-year-old with all sorts of news to tell me. totally made my day -- my week, even!

mediocre part of my day:

today was the lakers parade in downtown. i was over it by 9 a.m. because of all the obnoxious lakers fans crowding me on the morning train...but jolee talked me into checking out the festivities with her. we walked down to the staples center, gawked at the helicopters and cameramen and billions of lakers fans, and then went back to work before the parade even began. no kobe for me -- and no lakers pride, either. those fans are crazy.

depressing part of my day:

hung out with a friend tonight who had her pandora station tuned to keane or some such similar musical influence. a familiar song came on and i said "is this snow patrol?" to which she answered affirmatively. i shook my head in disgrace -- I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

i've SEEN snow patrol in concert and now i can't even identify them on the radio! i used to live and die by music -- loved to find obscure bands, go to shows every weekend, pride myself on my musical knowledge. and now i've become one of those absent-minded people who can't even spare enough interest or time to keep up on the top line bands. that is sad. i guess stationery has officially replaced music in my hobbies lineup.

the end.


sachia said...

Super fun to run into people you love on the train!!!! That was meant to be. I'm getting sad your leaving!!!! Sigh....

JoLee said...

I am still glad you went with me :) That should make it all worth while!