Monday, June 15, 2009

just so we're clear

i made a quiz on facebook a few weeks ago about "lyndsey trivia" -- and a surprising amount of people missed the question about my favorite snack.

for the record: i LOVE trader joe's pineapple salsa.
love it. especially with veggie-flavored flax seed tortilla chips.

i request a case of this shipped to me once a month while living in utah, because i don't think i can live without it.

that is all.


Nat said...

Mmm mmmm good. I feel for you that you'll be TJ' fun! Maybe we should start fasting that they'll open a one in UT? It couldn't hurt, right? :)

sachia said...

Oh....I will ship this to you in exchange for Cafe Rio....he he. :)

megan said...

poor lyndsey
i worry about how i will deal if i move away from a trader joes as well
what will life be like?! i don't even like to think about it

Mark and Sarah said...

I was just going through some old letters and stuff here at my parents house, and found some cute notes and drawings from you and it made me so happy that we are friends, but sad because I miss you! I love looking at your blog and all your adventures. Now back to Utah! I know you can do it! Good luck! love ya and miss you!

becca said...

salsa is the best thing in the whooole world.