Thursday, June 11, 2009

things i learned from the movie UP

1. i am definitely scared of heights. computer-generated or otherwise.

2. garden hoses are quite resilient.

3. my lifelong love of old men, dogs and small children definitely continues. this movie has all three! i smiled 98% of the time.

4. change is okay. whether you're finding a new adventure, rerouting your old adventure or moving away to another state so your husband can go to grad school -- you'll be okay. and when i say you, i mean me. [though i do hope my new adventure involves the same amount of colorful balloons.]


molliejanephotography said...

Seriously, such an awesome movie.

megan said...

looks like you were able to get your date night in :-)
can't wait to see that movie!

Roxanne said...

I love this movie. I saw it regular and then 3 days later saw it in 3D. It's such a cute movie!

nicole addison said...

haha, i agree with the fear of heights, even in pictures for me! i really want to see this movie, i've heard nothing but good reviews about it. hope you;ve having a lovely weekend

A and M said...

Really cute post! I guess I need to go see the movie since we are in the middle of changes too that I'm not totally looking forward to.