Thursday, June 11, 2009

school's out for summer

last night we went to my little brother's high school graduation. and just like that, we have ZERO family members still in high school. sad -- it makes me feel old.

it was freaking freezing cold. here's a shot from the grandstands -- i went early with my mom to wait in line and we ended up with front row seats. sweeeet. here's our view before the big show started -- i swear, there are actually mountains under those grumpy clouds:

b & i spent most of the pre-show looking like this, freezing our butts off -- him was cranky, i was not:

i was super excited to be there because i haven't attended a high school graduation since my own. i missed my sister's because i was living in new york. plus i was just so excited that my little sparky was so grown up -- i wouldn't have missed this for anything.

graduation is always a fun time to reflect. i couldn't believe it's been seven years since i graduated, or that SO MANY of my brother's classmates drive brand new cars, or that they whipped through 800+ graduates in less than 30 min. nice work, los osos high school!

i've said it once and i'll say it again -- grant is way cooler than i was or ever will be. he's in the senior class presidency so he got to sit on the stand and announce one of the speakers:

once it was over we tracked him down on the field for family photos [what did we do without cell phones??].

don't mind the fact that i look like the stay puff marshmallow man in all these pictures because i was quite happily bundled up in my winter coat. i think i'm going to need a few new jackets before utah.

the grad & his soon-to-be empty-nester parents:

grammie & grandad came all the way out from arizona:

here is a picture of me & sparky about seven years ago:

and here we are at graduation:

i guess i can find solace in the fact that no matter how big granty gets, we will always take silly pictures together.

grant is going to byu-idaho in the fall, which is where my sister & bro in law currently go to school. it's also four hours north of provo so i'll be able to visit them a lot. yay! growing up isn't so bad.


Justin + kelly said...

What!! He is so not old enough to be graduating. He will forever be 9 years old in my mind!

Angela and Mike said...

Awww... my baby brother just graduated too. Crazy right? OUr parents are empty nesters! I am going to try and go to my bros graduation when I fly to VA in a week. I'm not sure if Colton will agree however :)

megan said...

isn't it cray?! my little sis graduated too...
it all just makes me feel so freakin

but fun post!

Brandon and Erica said...

can I come with you to visit Rach and Granty-pants in Idaho?!

I seriously can't believe he is graduating. When I got your text, I thought you meant you were at his 6th grade graduation. Dude..Grant should not be old enough to be a responsible freshman at Y-daho.

On an unrelated note: I am emailing you. right. now.

dana said...

Aww. Cute! And yes, it's been way to freakin cold. We had Casey's graduation this morning and I was just searching for a chance that the sun might peek through. Boo.
Fun post. Cute brother. Cute pics of you and Grant.
And sorry I haven't read your blog forever! Our computer is in the shop. I feel soooo out of sorts. Thankfully I have Casey's laptop at night.