Thursday, June 11, 2009

item #27 i-will-miss-about-LA: driving

it may seem odd that i will miss the freeways and commutes around here seeing as how i fully own a ridiculous case of road rage, but driving isn't quite the pain it used to be now that i take the train to work everyday. now it's a novelty for me to get in the car and navigate the wild freeways systems around l.a., and now that i'm close to leaving it i'm starting to love it more and more.

once in a while i still drive into work so i can go to client meetings in various nearby cities. yesterday i was driving home from torrance and just loving the view. i took a few pics with the phone:

side note: don't mind the boring, ominous gray sky -- we've been enduring horrible "june gloom" weather since before june 1 and it's yucky. i liked it the first two days but now i'm OVER IT. we californians are so spoiled with our daily addiction to sunshine -- but whatever, we're entitled. isn't that why we pay so much to live here?


Jamie Onken said...

I have been annoyed for two weeks straight and I blame it on this so called June gloom. I want to go to the beach already!

Roxanne said...

yes we are entitled to the sun so tell may grey and june gloom to leave us alone already. At least the sun has been coming out in the early evening some.

Michelle said...

Yes, that is why you pay so much. Though I am not quite sure why Chicagoans pay so much to live here. The weather stinks. It is gray and very un-summery here and it's JUNE 11th!!! COME ON!! once the sunshine hits your place, please feel free to encourage it in my neck of the woods, will you?

Lambson Family said...

i wish i could move to LA! i love it!!!