Saturday, June 6, 2009

purple is in

there are these crazy purple trees blossoming all over pasadena:

[sorry about the blurry & crooked photo...i was in motion while taking it and i guess my camera phone couldn't keep up with me.]

they shed electric purple flowers all over the place, and when i was driving home last week late late at night it looked like the gutters on lake ave. were florescent and glowing. so cool. i love the color purple.

in other news, b survived e3. yay! it's taken me two days to readjust to having him around all the time [without becoming annoyed by him] but we are good now. also our bedroom wall is all patched up! we did take to sleeping on the air mattress in the living room while that hole was here, so it's nice to be back in our own bed -- and to live with the sound knowledge that i could NOT survive in a studio apartment.

also, i've stopped trying to organize / grocery shop / clean / you name it because i blame the upcoming move for everything. why fold my clothes when they'll just get thrown into boxes? why clean the counters when i'll have to deep clean in a few weeks anyway? okay, i'm really not that bad, but i am definitely starting to mentally check out of my current life.


Nick Onken said...

Jacaranda trees.

Kathryn said...

I love them, too. They are called jacarandas.
However, I would never want to park under one, or have one on my property. Too messy. Beautiful, but messy.
And congrats on the upcoming move. Nice to know where you're going after wondering for so long.

The Facks of Life said...

This time of year Del Mar Blvd is "purple street." I heart those purple trees.

I'm with you on the i-don't-want-to-do-anything-around-the-house thing. I've really let my apartment go these days. It's pathetic...can't seem to find the motivation. :)

sachia said...

JACARANDA...I wanna fond ya...wait I am fond of ya. Nevermind me trying to rhyme, the purple trees rock and I'm so glad you posted this because I am in love with them. I feel like somebody should be out there taking professional photos of Del Mar street. They are stunnning, take my breathe away, and I am tickled you heart them too. Thanks for this happy purple post.

dietcokegrrl said...

This is totally my favorite time of year because of the trees!! So so pretty to see them everywhere you look!

Jennifer said...

I'm failing in the comment department. Not that blogs or comments are going unnoticed. I just don't reply.

First comment - thank you for offering to take on my rascals while Jon ran the LA Marathon. I totally appreciate the offer, but decided against going. Then I was sick as a dog that day.

Last comment - re: purple trees. i think they are SO beautiful. I recommend that you live by a neighbor who has one so you can stare at it every day. They are totally messy. We didn't know we had one when we bought our first house because it was before all the purple blossoms came out. Pretty purple blossoms fall everywhere (which is still quite pretty- except for that they die there and get all brown all over). Purple petals are STICKY and STAIN your cement patio. Also, ANTS love them. Always ants climbing all over that tree and in the dying purple pedal piles on our brown stained patio.

Make sure your NEIGHBOR has the tree. Just my opinion.