Wednesday, December 8, 2010

christmas cheer

jack and i have had a very festive 24 hours. last night, b had to chaperone a youth trip up to temple square to see the world-famous light display. it was a warm night [never thought i'd say 38 degrees was warm, ha], i had a free ride and i'd been wanting to take jacko up there anyway so it was a perfect opportunity. ["what's that called when everything comes together perfectly?" "the bermuda triangle." - sleepless in seattle]

since we had j in the back seat, that meant there were only two open seats for kids. one of the teenage boys b teaches decided to come with us...and bring his girlfriend. they spent the ride up cracking jokes and quarreling about kids at school. we joined everyones else for the walk-around-temple-square thing, then bailed early to get home and put jack to bed. that meant the little couple tagged along with us to starbucks and then home. it's super fun to double date with 16-year-olds. especially when they ask you to drop the girlfriend off at home and the guy gets out to hug & kiss the girl right next to your window for two minutes straight and your baby is crying in the back seat.

but anyway. we had fun. jack liked looking at all the lights and people but wanted out of the stroller after about 15 minutes -- way to much to see, he couldn't handle the limited view. we got a few cute family pictures...

as if that's not enough holiday cheer for you, this morning jack and i went to a cookie exchange! it was my first daytime activity with MBA wives' association and it was a liiiiitle & j aren't used to quite so many running, screaming kids. but i made out like a bandit with a ginormous tray of cookies to bring home. the thought did cross my mind that with that many different homes providing that many cookies, there's bound to be some germ sharing going on...but who am i kidding, i've already eaten a ton. mmm.

PLUS, all my christmas cards have officially gone out and i'm just three handmade gifts away from being completely done with presents. woot. stress? what stress? i'm kicking this december's trash.


The Andelins said...

I love that you quoted Sleepless in Seattle. I think even though we've never officially met, we are MFEO

P.S. Jack is freaking cute.

Jessica Marie said...

Whoa! Share the wealth! ;)

So that is hilarious about Doug. You guys are good sports. Thanks for going up to SLC with us!

The Shanner of Attention said...

"double dating with 16 year olds"


Love the family pictures!